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Technical Analysis for Long Term Wealth Creation: Kunal Saraogi

In this video of the Face2Face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj engaging in a conversation with Kunal Saraogi, a long-term investor and trader who will focus on the importance of technical analysis for long-term wealth creation.

In our previous video with Mr. Saraogi, he discussed about the type of mindset we should prepare for ourselves before we enter the stock market.

However, in this new video with him, Mr. Kunal Saraogi will be discussing the technical aspects of the stock market for wealth creations, specifically what type of tools we can be using for wealth creation through technical analysis.

Mr. Saraogi will first start by discussing his own experience as a trader and an investor, and he will discuss the differences between these two. Mr. Saraogi has had experience as both, and he discusses the advantages that long-term investing has over trading.

Next, he will also discuss why it is just a myth that technical analysis is only for short term trades. We will talk about how all our beneficial trading and investing decisions can be rooted within the right combinations of the tools of technical analysis.

First, we will talk about how our perspective should be with technical charts if we are looking for wealthy creation. Mr. Saraogi will talk about why he uses monthly technical charts for this purpose.

Next, he will discuss the advantages of a hyper-diversified investment portfolio over a hyper-concentrated portfolio. He will show how a hyper-diversified investment portfolio automatically balances out as we apply stop losses to our trades and give weight to better performing stocks.

Mr. Saraogi will next show the practical applications of his investment and technical analysis philosophy through some real-life examples from his own investments.

With these charts, Mr. Saraogi will first prove the benefits of looking at monthly charts instead of short-term charts, if we are long-term investors instead of traders.

Also, Mr Saraogi will show the importance of using some basic tools of fundamental analysis along with technical analysis, to be well informed of our trades.

Next, he will also share some basic rules which we can use to identify beneficial stocks for our portfolio.

Mr. Saraogi will also discuss some basics of choosing stocks in general, and which companies we should be avoiding, to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Lastly, Mr. Saraogi will discuss some basics of swing trading, based on his own philosophy and perspective in the market, and how using swing trading can a beginner can help people become seasoned traders who can be on their way to become disciplined experts in the stock market.