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e-Face2Face : एक नयी technical study सीखें Brijesh Bhatia से |

In this video of our Face2Face series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will engage in a conversation with Mr. Brijesh Bhatia, who will be talking about how we can trade in the stock market in the best manner possible.

Mr. Bhatia will start the video with an introduction of himself, and how he expanded his experience in the stock market with his academic background and his familial background. We will see how Mr. Bhatia began his journey of stock trading in the stock market. We will see how Mr. Bhatia learned and gained expertise on trading harmonics and indicators like Heikin Ashi candlesticks over the last ten years and more.

Mr. Bhatia will start the discussion with some advice on gaining expertise for novice traders and investors. Following this, we will discuss the importance of a reversal strategy when it comes to stock trading with Harmonic patterns. We will discuss the advantages of reversal strategies with practical examples.

With actual charts of stocks, we will see how Fibonacci numbers play into the retracement and reversal basics discussed by Mr. Bhatia. We will also discuss some basic, intermediate and advance-level Harmonics patterns and see how they play out in the actual charts of stocks, and see how we can form effective trades and strategies around these patterns.

We will also discuss suitable timeframes and software to figure out the working of the reversal-based trades and strategies, based on harmonics. We will also see how Mr. Bhatia finds and confirms his trades over charts and patterns of various types. We will explore the various patterns like Bullish Gartley, etc. with some more examples of Mr. Bhatia’s trades.

Next, we will see if all these trades, strategies and patterns can work with indices as well. We will explore examples of patterns like Bearish Butterfly, working on popular market indices like the Bank Nifty, and what implications we can take from these patterns to make the best trading decisions for our capital.

Next, Mr. Bhatia will discuss some basic tips he follows when he is executing trades with these patterns, and how he uses the Heikin Ashi charting tool for execution and identification of trades. We will next discuss the basics of the Heikin Ashi as a useful advanced candlestick charting tool. We will see how we can identify it, and how we can use it in unique timeframes to find out the best opportunities for stop-losses and trading stocks.