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शेयर बाज़ार में ट्रेड को कब काटना चाहिए ? जानिए मनी मैनेजमेंट सरल भाषा में !

A huge amount of money is invested in the stock market. Investors or traders are on their keyboards to click the #righttrade. But the most pertinent problem that remains unresolved is the problem of #moneymanagementinstockmarket. The frequent complaint of the traders is not booking profit at the right time, wrong positions, stop loss, etc. 

In this video, our financial market experts, Chetan Panchamia & Vivek Bajaj, will discuss the basic problem that haunts the traders on a daily basis. They will discuss the solution to the major problem, i.e. MONEY MANAGEMENT BY A TRADER. They will further take the discussion to understand as to how to alter the entry and exit so as to be under the overall profit scenario. However, there is much to be read between the lines, as mentioned in the video.

We will also understand as to whether Profit or Loss will help us in becoming a successful trader.  All this and much more will be discussed with examples to understand the topi at length.

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