किसमें करें trade Options या Futures? विशेष रूप से retail traders के लिए |

This video is a complete blend of the experience of our market experts, Vivek Bajaj and Chetan Panchamia. Now in this video, we have discussed at length on the trading done in the #futuresandoptions market.

We often get to hear that you make loads of money when trading in derivatives. But have we ever tried to understand as to what amount of hard work, knowledge, and dedication is required to find expertise in the derivatives market?

We will understand the meaning of important terms such as settlement date, immediate delivery, payment and delivery date related to the derivatives market. Apart from this, we will understand the risk-reward perspective, the meaning of hedging and arbitrage in the derivatives market.

Towards the end of the video, you will understand as to how learning simple strategies will help you take better decisions in options and futures market. WATCH till the end of the video to make the most of it.

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