False Breakouts: Learn to Avoid Them


11:00 AM (IST)

What to Learn:

In this video, Mr. Sumit Surana (B.Com, CTA) has explained how to identify pattern breakouts in technical analysis chart patterns and trading ranges. He has explained what are supports and resistance. He has explained methods to identify the support and resistance areas and act upon them. He has further explained how to confirm if the breakout has actually taken place or if it is just a false whipsaw.

Who is it suitable for:

This webinar is suitable for students and active traders alike. Students will learn how to avoid how to avoid the mistakes of false breakouts. Active traders and investors will be able to rectify their mistakes.

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About the Speaker

Mr. Sumit Surana -B.Com, CTA (Certified Technical Analyst)-

Sumit Surana has about 7 years of experience in Technical Research & Analysis for Equity, Commodities & Currency Markets. He have developed  great knowledge of International markets which greatly helps predicting movements of our domestic markets. He has also created an INDEX OPTIONS strategy which is consistently generates positive monthly returns on investments, while completely managing the investment risk.

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