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Proud parents and evolved school- mentors of bright pre-teens/teenagers in classes 6-10! These kids are grabbing headlines as coders, novel app developers, and even floating startups! Isn’t it our duty to expose them to early, practical, learnings regarding money management, savings, investment, and the stock market, inculcating an early habit of monetary discipline? Presenting “A2Z Financial Market for Teens”, a  modular package of courses, presented as informal classroom sessions, aimed at providing your wards with the necessary financial basics. 


  • This package will enable your wards to gain an in-depth understanding of financial terms & concepts, related to money management and investing in stock markets.
  • They will understand, to negate rising inflation, how it becomes important to invest early in financial markets to achieve their financial goals. 
  • They will be introduced to the possibility of finance as an interesting and lucrative career option and enable them to take independent investments and trading decisions.

Intended Participants

  • Pre-teens & teenagers in classes 6-10, seeking an introduction to the basic terminology and concepts regarding money management and financial markets.
  • Young millennials, preparing for careers in finance, looking to strengthen their theoretical and practical knowledge, and building an effective resume.
  • Ambitious teens, wanting to learn how to invest, build and self-manage their portfolios. They could well be on their way to becoming successful long-term investors, taking a non-speculative route to wealth creation!

Topics covered

  • In A2Z of Money, we will be learning about the traditional medium of exchange, the birth of money, the evolution of the banking system, the role of RBI, ecosystem participants, digital currency- its introduction and concept, effective and efficient management of money, types of interest earned, power of compounding, inflation, etc.
  • Going forward is the course A2Z of Finance, wherein we will move a step ahead and learn the importance of financial literacy and Investment, how to set financial goals, Introduction to capital and share, the Role of SEBI, what is Demat and trading account, the structure of financial markets, stock market- introduction, stock market indexes and its participants, basics of the international market, how do we track markets, introduction to the currency market, the concept of exchange rate and lastly we will bust the risk and myths about the stock markets.
  • After you become well versed with the concepts of money and finance, we will introduce you to A2Z of Stock Market For Beginners, wherein we will learn about the basics of the stock market, investment and various avenues of Investment, explanation of portfolio diversification, stock brokers- appointment and its types, stock selection methods, should we Invest or Trade, company analysis and understanding financial statements, impact of external events on the stock market, stock market index, stock analysis, tracking of the stock market, basic guide to IPO, etc

Courses included

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the evolution of the medium of exchange from the barter system to currencies and promissory notes. 
  • Explore the modern banking system, the role of the central bank, the types of bank accounts, and the functions of cheques.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of digital money, cashless payments with debit and credit cards and EMI.
  • Gain insights into effective money utilization, investment strategies, managing income and expenditure, and implementing smart spending techniques for monetary stability.
  • Know the basic macroeconomic concepts such as economic cycles and inflation and understand how the ecosystem works.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the importance of investing early and know how to set and achieve your financial goals to benefit from compounding.
  • Introduction to the basic concept of capital and its types, different avenue of investment and learning the relations of risk and reward.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the structure of financial markets, stock market terminologies and concepts of trading and investing.
  • Explore various types of analysis and track the stock markets and identify your circle of competence to make successful investment choices.
  • Gain knowledge of Global investment opportunities by understanding the working of the international stock market, currency market and the concept of exchange rate.
  • Understand the risks associated with the stock market and debunk the myths surrounding them.

What Will You Learn?

This course will enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of financial terms and concepts associated with the Stock Market. It will also enable you to take independent investment and trading decisions. It will introduce you to the possibility of choosing Finance as an interesting and lucrative career option.

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