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Masterclass Webinar Series: Technical Strategies by Mr. Abhijit Paul

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Technical Analysis is an important tool that can be employed to time your entries and exits in the markets.Moving Averages is probably the first indicator that any learner of technical analysis starts with. Simple and elegant, these indicators are far more powerful than the look of it.Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most versatile but often misunderstood technical indicators. We will aim to discuss the important and unique use of RSI indicators and Moving Average. Intra-day trading strategies, based on sentiments, trend and momentum, can be implemented efficiently to book profits and take better entries.One should understand when to use divergences and when not to. A proper timing of the trade is very essential to make profitable trades. HeikinAshi candlestick filters out the noise in the markets and depicts the trend in a much smoother manner. A chart can be used to pick a possible intermediate or long-term bottom in a stock or index.

This webinar master series aim to cover all the above-mentioned important aspects of technical analysis, giving out the wholistic view of the same. 


  • Learn about moving average – construction, usage, derivatives.
  • Get to know the simple yet versatile nature of the RSI indicator. 
  • To pinpoint exactly which stocks to buy or sell for a particular trading day.
  • Objective based trading decisions to be made with a complete focus on trades and not the market.
  • How to approach divergence in trading - to trade or to confirm 
  • Decide how to choose different time frames – power of timing in the stock market.
  • Use multiple time frames to time your trade entry best.
  • Simple & Effective use of HeikinAshi to determine the trend and using it as a Trend Following Trading System.
  • Use the Super Trend indicator to create simple yet effective trading strategies.
  • To pick possible intermediate and long-term bottoms in a stock. 
  • Know when to act in a bear market.
  • Understand the psychological extremes which trades and investors suffer from and how one can make the most of these panics and euphoria.
  • Harness the power of compounding over a long-term investment approach with Nifty Bees and other ETFs. 
  • Expose you to different types of technical analysis software in India

What You Will Learn 

  • Moving Averages - construction & usage
  • Use of multiple moving averages 
  • Derivatives of moving averages & their trading signal
  • How to use Relative Strength Index (RSI) as a Trend indicator. 
  • How to utilize RSI to spot Classical and Hidden Divergences. 
  • How to use the indicator to project zones of comfort. 
  • A disciplined approach towards profitable intra-day trading. 
  • How to pick stocks to buy or sell and levels beyond which you should place your orders and execute your trade.
  • How to scan the market and look for the best trading opportunities within 15mins of market opening. 
  • Divergences with other indicators like MACD, MACD Histogram and AO. 
  • How to decide which time frames are best for trading. 
  • Which indicators to use and plot ins which time frame and why.
  • Swing Trading strategy using 3 different time frames. 
  • The concept of HeikinAshi candlestick in detail and how to use them to visually understand the trend clearly and effectively.
  • Stop Loss management will be understood using these HeikinAshi candles. 
  • Multiple trading strategies created with the help of this simple Supertrend Indicator.
  • Touchy - A unique Swing trading strategy.
  • Learn to create an investment portfolio using ETFs like Nifty BEES.
  • Hands on demonstration of Zerodha's Kite, Spider IRIS & Trading View

Magic of Moving Averages


By Abhijit Paul

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3 Powerful Use of RSI


By Abhijit Paul

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Divergences - Truths & Myths


By Abhijit Paul

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