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The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT)


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180 days
Live Interactive Program

Course Highlights

  • Duration – 6 months 
  • Specialization – Particular asset class and/or trading strategy through the project work under expert mentorship 
  • Online Delivery – A focused learning experience consisting of practical sessions conducted through web-meetings and virtual learning environment. 
  • Expert Faculty - The EPAT® faculty is an acclaimed team of subject matter experts (academicians and practitioners) like Dr. Ernest P. Chan, Dr. Euan Sinclair to name a few 
  • Student Portal – All relevant lecture notes, query forms, recorded lecture videos, assignments and supplementary readings are easily accessible through a personal account on the learning management system 
  • Certification – Assessment comprises of the assignments, quizzes, and attendance during the course in addition to the final exam at the nearest available centre. On successful completion, participants will receive a certificate from QuantInsti Quantitative Learning Pvt. Ltd.
  • Industry Recognition - EPAT® is CPD(UK) Accredited and Recognized under FTS by IBF Singapore.


The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading provides the most comprehensive training for professionals looking to grow or planning to start their careers in the field of Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading.

Started in 2010 with the aim to fulfil the pressing demands for highly specialized skill sets of a potentially lucrative domain, QuantInsti introduced virtual classrooms for its flagship EPAT course and has seen participation from all inhabited continents since then.

It focuses on inspiring traders towards a successful trading career, by focusing on derivatives, quantitative trading, electronic market making, trading related technology and risk management.
QuantInsti is also a proud member of CPD certification service, the leading independent CPD accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to complement the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies.


  • Practical Exposure: Acquire the knowledge and learn the tools & techniques used by traders in the real world.
  • Verified Certification: Verified certification with Prometric for EPATians provides an edge to your profession.
  • Support: Dedicated Support Managers for each EPATian, a standalone 7-days support team for all your queries and guidance to ensure you gain the best from EPAT.
  • Career Services: Our lifelong career services,  job resources and guidance from market experts become available to you the moment the course starts and lasts throughout your professional career.
  • Life-long learning - Access to an updated content (as per industry changes) for future reference for the participants.
  • Alumni chapters - EPAT comes with access to the global community of Algo traders.
The programme is built around a fully examined core of three modules:
  • Statistics & Econometrics 
  • Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading 
  • Financial Computing & Technology

EPAT Faculty

EPAT provides a unique chance to its participants to work under the mentorship of the world-class faculty for hands-on training in designing and implementing of advanced algorithmic trading strategies on state-of-the-art tools and platforms.
  • Mr. Anil Yadav
  • Mr. Brian Christopher
  • Dr. Ernest P. Chan
  • Mr. Eric Hamer
  • Dr. Euan Sinclair
  • Mr. Gaurav Raizada
  • Dr. Hui Liu
  • Mr. Ishan Shah
  • Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal
  • Mr. Nitin Aggarwal
  • Mr. Prodipta Ghosh
  • Mr. Rajib Ranjan Borah
  • Dr. Thomas Starke
  • Mr. Varun Divakar
  • Mr. Vivek Krishnamoorthy
  • Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch
With the financial markets rapidly evolving, we foresee a disruptive change in the emerging markets’ landscape, wherein exchange volumes to the tune of 70% and above will be generated by Algorithmic Trading. Are you equipped with the required skill sets to be a successful trader?



  • Reshape the concept and knowledge of essential data available to develop trading algorithms and systems
  • Create and implement trading strategies on different asset classes
  • Perform back and forward testing
  • Inspire traders towards a successful trading career by focussing on derivatives, quantitative trading, electronic market-making or trading related technology and risk management


  • 360-degree guidance for career development
  • Vast Faculty pool of industry experts and successful practitioners
  • Most comprehensive programme in this domain across the globe with highest visibility and industry recognition (EPAT® programme is recognized under the Financial Training Scheme (FTS) of Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF, the National Accreditation and Certification Agency of Singapore)
  • The dedicated support team and lifelong access to updated content
  • Single point 24*7 access with state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) in addition to the live lectures
  • Lifelong career support including placements and guidance in setting up a business, finding the right partners, vendors or capital.
  • Industry benefits: Access to exclusive offers from top brokers, vendors, global events and cutting-edge tools.
  • Global Alumni chapters and meetups - Opportunity to network with fellow Quants globally both in person and on platform
  • EPAT alumni holding Certification of Excellence will be considered at par with achieving the Gold level in the WorldQuant Challenge and would directly qualify for the opportunity to be interviewed for the Research Consultant position. 
  • Exclusive guest lectures by industry experts for EPAT participants.

Topics Covered

  • Data Analysis and modelling in Python
  • Time series analysis and statistical functions 
  • Stationarity of time series, Autoregressive Process
  • ARIMA, ARCH and GARCH and Understanding volatility, Non-linearity of volatility, Gaussian Mixture Models 
  • Understanding of Equities Derivative market
  • Different types of Momentum (Time-series & Cross-sectional)
  • Trend following strategies and Statistical Arbitrage Trading strategy modelling with Python
  • Arbitrage, market making and asset allocation strategies using ETFs
  • Decision Trees and Supervised learning algorithms
  • Confusion Matrix framework for monitoring algorithm’s performance
  • Model Cross-Validation techniques and variable selection
  • Logistic Regression to predict the conditional probability of the market direction
  • Strategy building using Principal Component Analysis
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis for linear combinations
  • System Architecture of an automated trading system and Infrastructure (hardware, physical, network, etc.) requirements
  • Understanding the business environment (including the regulatory environment, financials, business insights, etc.) for setting up an Algorithmic Trading desk
  • Evaluating portfolio & strategy performance
  • Risk Management: Sources of risk, risk limits, risk evaluation & mitigation, risk control systems
  • Options Pricing Models: Conceptual understanding and application to different strategies & asset classes
  • Implied volatility, smile, skew and forward volatility
  • Order book concepts and Market Microstructure
  • Quantitative Strategy modelling
  • Random Walk Model 
  • Various asset pricing models including Capital Asset Pricing Model and Three-Factor model
  • Using Excel for back-testing and optimization
  • Hands-on on various backtesting and trading platforms

Intended Participants

The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) is  designed strategically to accept participants with high intellectual curiosity possessing strong interest in finance and have analytical skills. Although there is no specific degree requirement most participants joining the program belong to various quantitative disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, physical sciences, engineering, operational research, computer science, finance or economics. Participants from other disciplines should be familiar with calculus, spreadsheets and computational problem solving, if they wish to pursue EPAT.


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