Introduction to Stock Market


Getting started in the stock market can be intimidiating for a beginner.This course aims to enable the students to get a complete understanding of the Stock market basics. It will help the participants to gain knowledge on the various terminologies used in the Stock markets.This programme will also teach the learners the basics of stock trading as well as the role of stock exchanges and financial intermediaries in the Stock Markets.


This course will help the students:

  • To  learn about Stock & Stock Market basics
  • To have a clear understanding of Stock Exchanges,Financial Intermediaries and Stock Indices
  • To attain knowledge on Stock Trading Fundamentals



This programme will enable the participants :

  • To learn about the essentials of Stock market
  • To understand various terminologies involved in the Stock market
  • To gain knowledge on basics of Stock Trading


Topics Covered

Stock and Stock Market Basics

  • Who all trade in the Stock Market?
  • Why is Stock Market important?
  • Primary Markets
  • Secondary markets
  • Who sets the price in the Stock Market?

Stock Exchanges, Financial Intermediaries & Stock Index

  • Understanding Stock Exchanges
  • Understanding Financial intermediaries
  • Understanding Stock Indices

Basics of Stock Market Trading

  • How to start trading in the Stock Market?
  • Bid and Offer Price
  • How to select a Stock Broker?
  • Algorithmic trading definition and who should use Algorithmic Trading
  • How much amount should one invest in Stock Market as well as particular stocks?
  • Futures and Options:Definition and who should trade using Futures and Options
  • Sources of Stock Tips
  • Concept of Mutual Funds
  • Corproate Actions and the various dates associated with it

Intended Participants

This course is designed for those who are new to the stock market  and would like to quickly get up to speed on the basics of the stock market.


  • 22 Videos
  • 2 Hours of Content
  • 1 Supplementary Study Material
  • Chapterwise Tests

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