CA-Final: Strategic Financial Management


Strategetic Financial Management can be defined as the definite planning of the usage and management of a company's financial resources to attain it's business objectives, and to provide maximum return to its shareholders.This preparatory course thoroughly covers the CA curriculum on strategetic financial management. It will help the C.A aspirants to prepare well for their examination.


The Strategic Financial Management course for CA Exam will enable the students to have a thorough understanding of various concepts of strategetic finance such as Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Capital Budgeting ,Valuation of shares etc.It will help the participants to prepare for their C.A examinations.


  • Usage of simple language to help students understand in a better manner
  • Course material (video and non-video content) is updated on a regular basis. Current course material are updated for CA examination in May and November 2017
  • Course material would be delivered to the student via Pen Drive. Hence internet connection would NOT be required to access the course

Topics Covered

  • Time Value of Money
  • Operating, Financial And Combined Leverage
  • Holding Company
  • Bond Valuation
  • Valuation Of Shares
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Leases And Hire Purchases
  • Dividend Policy
  • PortfolioManagement
  • Derivatives
  • Commodity Derivatives
  • Forex
  • Business Valuation
  • Mutual Funds
  • Consumers Finance
  • Theory Topics, etc

Intended Participants

  • Students aspiring CA
  • Students aspiring CS
  • Students doing Articleship


  • Course Videos - 213 hours (approx.)
  • Notes provided: Volume 1 & Volume 2
  • Practice Booklet

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