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Equity Investments made easy-CFA L1

Equity Investments made easy-CFA L1


*inclusive of taxes

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*inclusive of taxes

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Course Details

  • Listed In : CA, CFA Preparatory Courses
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Intermediate
  • Validity : 3 Years
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : Tanuja Yadav

3 students enrolled

Course Highlights

  • 13 Videos
  • 2+ Hours of Content
  • 5+ Supplementary Study Materials 


This course is well designed to explain how equities, fixed-income instruments, derivatives, and alternative investments trade in the markets. Care has been taken to focus on the characteristics, analysis, and valuation of equity securities. This course aims to complete the preparation of 10% of CFA L1 course with ease.


This course is ideal for people preparing for CFA level 1 exam but non-finance people interested in equity market can also look forward to this course. It discusses in detail about broad market indices, market efficiency, industry and company analysis and equity valuation. This course aims at building a good foundation in equity investments. 


  • Over 13 lectures and 2 hours of content
  • Get a detailed understanding of Equity Investment for CFA L1

Topics Covered

Market Organization:

  • Introduction to Market Organization and Structure
  • Market Organization and Structure_Financial System
  • Market Organization and Structure_Classiifcation of Assets
  • Market Organization and Structure_Financial Intermediaries
  • Market Organization and Structure_Positions,Orders and Execution
  • Market Organization and Structure_Primary and Secondary Markets

Security Market Indices:

  • Index Construction
  • Index Management

Market Efficiency:

  • Basic Concepts of Market Efficiency

Overview of Equity Securities:

  • Introduction to Study Session 14
  • Equity Securities

Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis:

  • Basic concepts of Industry and Company Analysis

Equity Valuation:Concepts and Basic Tools:

  • Basic concepts and tools of Equity Valuation

Intended Participants

This course is beneficial for

  • Those who have enrolled to take the CFA L1 exam
  • Those who are aspiring to appear for CFA L1


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