Corporate Finance and Alternate Investments for CFA L1


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This course covers two topic areas for CFA Level 1 – Corporate finance and Alternative Investment, covering 11% of the CFA curriculum. With Corporate Finance done, the student will be prepared for 7% of the CFA L1 course in the shortest possible time, I am extending this delightful experience further by providing the study session for Alternative Investments free with Corporate Finance course so that an additional 4% of the course prep is completed!


  • Understand Corporate Finance well
  • Understand Alternate Investments well
  • Be prepared for about 11% of the CFA L1 course in less than 10 days! spending about 30 minutes watching these lectures every day


This preparatory course is helpful for people who are looking forward to give CFA level 1 exam. Two of the important topics like Corporate Finance and Alternative Investments are explained in this course in great detail with the help of relevant examples and references. Moreover, Alternate Investment is a very interesting topic which will explain various modes of investments apart from traditional debt and equity.

Topics Covered

Corproate Finance: Reading 35 Capital Budgeting 

  • Introduction to Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Budgeting process
  • Capital Budgeting Criterion

Corporate Finance: Reading 36 Cost of Capital 

  • Introduction to Cost of Capital and it's effect on taxes 
  • Targe Capital Structure and Marginal Cost of Capital
  • Cost of Debt Capital and preferred stocks
  • CAPM,DDM and other models
  • Estimation of cost of capital
  • Marginal cost of Capital Structure

Measures of Leverage:

  • Introduction to Measures of Leverages
  • Impact of Leverage

Dividend and Share Repurchases:Basics:

  • Dividends and Share Spilt 
  • Dividend Payment Chronology

Working Capital Management:

  • Sources of Liquidity
  • Liquidity Measures
  • Short term Cash Management_Working Capital Effectiveness 
  • Investment Risks, Strategies and Tools 
  • Receivables Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payable Management

Corproate Governance:

  • Introduction to Corproate Governance
  • Board Independence
  • Audit and code of ethics
  • More on Code of Ethics 

Alternative Investments:

  • Introdcution to basic concepts of Alternate Investments



Intended Participants

  • Candidate preparing for CFA level 1 exam
  • Individuals interested in knowing other mode of investments apart from debt and equity
  • Finance students


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