Master in Excel: Become A Smart Professional


Excel is a powerful tool which helps professionals in tackling data. It helps in presenting, analysing, summarising and sorting data like no other tool. Professionals in all streams use this tool to enhance their application and analysis skills of the information at their disposal. With the increasing amount of data being used by companies, use of tools like Excel has become mandatory for all professionals to be effective and efficient.



This course aims at giving detailed knowledge on Excel and it is suitable both students and working professionals. This programme  is divided into  3 levels thus making it suitable for both beginners and advanced level. This course is a must for the students of financial modelling and equity valuation.


The wide coverage and simplicity in explanation of various topics makes this programme  extremely popular among the masses. The detailed explanation with the help of relevant practical illustrations makes your learning easier. 

After successful completion of the course students will receive a certificate facilitated by White Knight Ventures. To see a sample of the certificate Click here

Topics Covered

The videos explain the basics of Excel, functions, use of charts and tables, formatting, Pivot tables etc. These videos help understand the concept and make sure to help you learn their application in crunch situations. They enhance the users’ capability to use shortcuts to save time while working on this tool. This course basically bridges a wide gap between the knowledge we have and its application in the corporate world.

Once taken, you can access this course for a period of 1 month.

Intended Participants

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Financial modelling and equity valuation students
  • Computer application students

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