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Finance For Non Finance
3 Years
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Duncan Williamson

Executives/Managers with a financial background are considered most efficient at managing any operating scenario. Knowledge of financial aspects that help in decision making is the key to their success. Finance for Non -Finance Managers and Executives course aims at giving detailed knowledge about important areas of finance starting right from basic bookkeeping to Technical and Fundamental analysis and review of Annual Reports. The main drive of this course is its simplicity.


By the end of the course, delegates will

  • Be able to distinguish between the three major financial statements
    o  Income statement
    o  Balance sheet
    o  Cash flow statement
  • Carry out the analysis of financial data using a variety of techniques, including Ratio analysis
  • Qualitative analysis of financial and non -financial data
  • Review annual report and accounts of organisations, including the notes of explanation found in those reports
  • Identify trends and strategies contained in financial and non -financial data and reports
  • Appreciate the nature and role of management accounting
  • Understand the various elements of management accounting and cost management
  • Identify the different types of production and service systems and the ways in which management accounting seeks to work with them
  • Create periodic performance reports for management and others

Training Methodology

Non -Finance Executives/Managers will be provided with a series of videos, examples , and cases that will lead them through the appropriate stages of development as they work from zero or little knowledge to the greater understanding that this Finance course provides.

At all stages of the course, delegates will appreciate the interactive nature of it and will be immersed in the materials from the beginning.

At appropriate points, there will be quizzes and exercises to complete, including programming spreadsheets of varying levels of difficulty.

There will be fully worked solutions to all of the quizzes and questions set together with Excel spreadsheet solutions.


Finance for Non -Finance Managers and Executives course is suitable for people who are looking forward to build their career in the field of finance or people who are new in the field of finance. After completion of the course, you will have a good foundation about finance and you yourself will see the difference. Moreover, Individuals enrolling for the course will be entitled to attend related webinars conducted by Kredent Academy, free email query support and Question & Answer platform support.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Bookkeeping, the Bookkeeping Cycle and Accounting:

  • Build Accounting Picture Publish

The David Tasked Case Study:

  • Financial Statement Publish
  • Tasker Trainer File

Business Analysis:

  • Credit Analysis 
  • Equity and Receivables Analysis
  • Analysis of shares
  • Business Activities 

Correlation and Correlation Matrices:

  • Correlation Excel Publish
  • Correlation Real

Technical and Fundamental Analysis:

  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis Publish
  • Candlestick Publish

Financial Analysis :

  • Analysis of Fianncial Statements
  • Case Study(Amazon Bonds)

Common Size  Statement Analysis , Comparative Statement Analysis and Ratio Analysis:

  • Comparative Financial Analysis Ratios
  • Financial  Analysis  CFS Publish
  • Financial Analysis Valuation Publish
  • Case Studies

Bench Marking of Financial and Non-Financial Performance:

  • Bench Marking Publish 
  • Case Studies

Review of Annual Reports and Accounts:

  • Annual Report Publish 

Intended Participants

  • Professionals
  • Non -finance managers
  • People willing to build their career in finance
  • Candidates from any stream


  • 26 Videos
  • 3+ Hours of Content
  • 20+ Supplementary Study Materials


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