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Vijay Adarsh

Financial management deals with the financial decision making in any firm. Any financial decision involves financial implications. Financial Management evaluates the financial implications and helps taking these decisions in such a way as to maximize the value of the firm. This course has been prepared to discuss the fundamentals concepts of financial management.

It will help the students to understand decision making, proper utilisation of finance, maintaining proper cash flow, financial discipline and various financial concepts.


This course aims at providing detailed knowledge about financial management. During this course the students will come to know about various elements of financial management, such as, time value of money, capital budgeting decisions, risk and return, dividend decisions and working capital decisions. It will enable  the participants to understand the entire process of financial decision making of any organization.


People who are looking forward to build their career in the field of finance or who are new in the field of finance will benefit from this course. After the completion of this course, the participants will have a good foundation of financial management. Apart from this some other benefits are:

  • Personalized Learning
  • Step by step conceptual clarity
  • Step by step solution
  • Study at your Own Time, Own Place, Own Speed
  • Internet connection not required


Topics Covered

  • Financial Management-An Introduction:
  1. Nature
  2. Scope
  3. Objectives
  •  Time Value of Money:
  1. Risk and Return
  • Capital Budgeting-An Introduction
  1. Capital Budgeting process
  2. Cash Flow Estimation


  • Capital Budgeting -Technique of Evaluation
  1. Payback period Method
  2. Accounting Rate of Return
  3. Net Present Value(NPV)
  4. Internal Rate of Return(IRR)
  5. Net Terminal Value
  6. Profitability Index
  •  Cost of Capital:
  1. Sources of Long Term Financing
  2. Estimation of components of cost of capital
  3. Methods for calculating Cost of Equity,Cost of Debt,Cost of Preference Capital
  4. Weighted Average Cost of Capital(WACC)
  • Leverage Analysis:
  1. Operating leverage
  • EBIT-EPS Analysis
  1. Financial Leverage
  2. Leverage Cost of Capital and Value of the firm
  3. Net Operating Income Approach
  4. MM Hypothesis
  5. Traditional Approach
  • Factors of Capital Structure:
  1. Determinants of Capital Structure
  • Dividend Decision and Valuation of the Firm
  1. Theories for Relevance and Irrelevance of dividend decision for corporate valuation
  2. Walter's Model
  3. Gordon's Model
  4. MM Approach
  5. Cash and Stock Dividends
  • Dividend Policy:
  1. Dividend Policies in Practice
  • Introduction to Working Capital:
  1. Concepts of Working Capital
  2. Operating and Cash Cycle
  3. Sources of Short term finance


  • Working Capital Estimation
  • Management of Cash
  1. Cash Budget
  • Receivables Management:
  1. Debtor's management
  • Inventory Management

Intended Participants

Anyone who seeks to learn Financial Management in a comprehensive manner

  • MBA (Finance) students
  • Non finance managers
  • Candidates from any stream
  • Professionals
  • People willing to build their career in finance


  • 21 Hours 30 minutes of video content
  • 16 Tests


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