Forex Basics (Professional Course Level)


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CA Raja Natarajan

Forex can be defined as a market in which currencies are traded.It is the biggest and the most liquid market in the world, with average traded values of as much as trillion dollars per day.

Businesses having cross border transactions(in the form of sales, purchases, investments, loans ,etc)are always exposed to risks and volatilities of International Finance

Hence, it is imperative for every business owner/ Finance Manager to have ample knowledge in International Finance.

This is a perfectly designed course which will not only help the participants to understand the basics of Forex from scratch  but also the factors that drive the individual currency movements


This programme will enable the  learners   to:

  • Understand basics of International Finance
  • Gain knowledge on Amercian and European terms used in forex
  • Learn about the various technical terms used in forex transactions


This Forex Trading course is a must for people looking to build their careers in Forex market. This programme explains topics like international finance, quotes, American and European term and bid and ask rate with suitable illustrations. It is a  comprehensive course on forex and after completion of the course, participants will  have full grasp over the topic.

Topics Covered

This course makes an effort to train students on:

  • Domestic Currency
  • Foreign Currency
  • Exchange Rate
  • Direct Quote
  • Indirect Quote
  • Link between Direct Quote and Indirect Quote
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • American Term and European Term
  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Spread
  • Ways to convert two way quotes
  • Cross Rate
  • Forward Rate
  • Appreciation and Depreciation of Currency
  • Ways to compute Appreciation and Depreciation of Currency
  • Swap points

Intended Participants


  • Anyone who is interested in knowing about International Finance
  • Finance Students like CA, CS, CMA, CPA, CFA, CIMA, etc
  • MBA Finance Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Finance Managers


  • 24 Videos
  • 1+ Hour of Content


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