Real Estate Investing: Intro to Investment Analysis

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Are you sick and tired of real estate "systems" that turn out to just be a hard sell for another "system"?

Tired of "no money down get rich like me" real estate investing "secrets" from real estate "gurus" that leave you filled with nothing but marketing fluff?

Do you just want to know what real estate investment analysis is all about? Or want to learn, how to invest in real estate?
If you want to learn the fundamentals of investing in real estate and how to actually evaluate investment opportunities the way professional investors do, join this real estate investing course.

I can't promise I'll help you get rich, own a yacht and two Ferraris. But I can teach you some serious analysis techniques in real estate investment. After getting my MBA from Stanford, I worked on over $400M in real estate deals. And I took what I learned from that and put all of it in this course.


This course will help you:

  • Understand the core concepts of real estate investing
  • Understand professional real estate investment strategies and techniques
  • Confidently evaluate fix & flip investment opportunities
  • Confidently evaluate rental income property investment opportunities
  • Receive professionally made investment models


This program intends to make you learn the fundamentals of real estate investment analysis for fix & flips and rental income property investments.

After taking this course, you will be:

  • Able to confidently use professional real estate investment techniques
  • Able to evaluate both fix & flips as well as rental income properties

Topics Covered

  • Foundations: Investment Process
  • Foundations: Measures of Return
  • Foundations: Impact of Debt on Returns
  • Foundations: Investment Considerations
  • Foundations: Investment Strategies
  • Case Studies

Intended Participants

  • Newbies to real estate investing
  • Those who are serious about investing in fix & flips or rental income properties
  • Someone who wants to build a solid foundation in this sector


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