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MS Excel Tutorial is a structured online training program which aims to make beginners proficient in MS Excel. By the end of the course you will be able to work efficiently on MS Excel and be productive at workplace.

Our parent firm – Cians Analytics – provides financial research (Financial Modeling, Data Analytics, etc. ) for clients extensively on MS Excel. Hence, a lot of attention has been given on covering all the important topics in Excel which are used in the corporate world.

We believe that time is money, and hence, kept this online tutorial in excel as precise as possible. There are many courses which are of higher duration, but fail to drive home the point.


  • To make students proficient in MS - Excel
  • The focus is on imparting learning via real life examples instead of just mugging formulas
  • Bolster your chances in getting a start in the corporate world
  • Increase efficiency of professionals working in the corporate arena 


  • 44 lectures and 2.2 hours of quality content
  • The videos are short and crisp and drive home the key points
  • Downloadable MS Excel files (unsolved/solved) to work on while watching the videos  online


You can also collect a 'Certificate of Completion' from CIANS Academy at the end of your course (optional). To see a sample of the certificate click here and your certificate will be couriered at your mentioned address.

For more details related to certificate, feel free to contact or call at +91 981 895 5001.

Topics Covered

  • Understand the basic layout and setup
  • Get familiar with important shortcuts
  • Comprehend how to Cut, Copy, Paste, Hide, and Unhide data in rows, columns, and sheets
  • Learn Paste Special
  • Overview of Merge & Center
  • Understand Text Alignment and Text Indent
  • Learn Conditional Formatting
  • Learn Basic Charting – Pie Charts, Line Charts, Bar Charts, and Combo Charts
  • Understand Data Validation and Filters
  • Learn more than 30 basic/intermediate functions, including Sum, Sumif, And, Average, Choose, If, Vlookup, Hlookup, Count, Countif, Max, Median, Sumproduct, Today, Eomonth, NPV, PMT, IRR, Match, Index, and Proper

Intended Participants

  • Working professionals looking for accelerated growth in their current organizations
  • Working professionals looking for a shift to a Finance profile
  • College students looking for a career in Finance


  • 44 Videos
  • 2+ Hours of Content
  • 5+ Supplementary Study Materials
  • Full Length Test


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