NISM Series V-B: Mutual Funds Foundation Certification Examination

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It is difficult for a potential investor to comprehend the expressions used by Mutual Fund agents. Keeping aside the complicated terms, this preparatory course explains everything about mutual funds - how they work and how well they can serve as an effective investment tool, thus prepares one to crack the examination with ease. Besides, it also offer a wide range of investment options - equity schemes, fixed income schemes, money market schemes, hybrid schemes, ETFs etc. which one can select as per his requirement to achieve his goals.


Students enrolling for NISM Series V-B: Mutual Funds Foundation Certification Examination programme will benefit to prepare themselves exhaustively for the NISM Certification examination.

Our support involves:

  • A series of preparatory videos
  • Study material
  • Online students' community support where they can post their queries related to NISM mutual fund exam, and
  • Related NISM mock tests

All these are kept in mind for your success in this NISM Mutual Fund Exam. All the knowledge content is provided by Kredent Academy.

Intended Participants

The examination seeks to create common minimum knowledge benchmark for new cadre of mutual fund distributors,involved in selling and distributing simple and performing mutual fund schemes:

  • Postal agents
  • Retired government and semi-government officials (class III and above or equivalent) with a service of at least 10 years
  • Retired teachers with a service of at least 10 years
  • Retired bank officers with a service of at least 10 years, and other similar persons (such as Bank correspondents) as may be notified by AMFI/AMC from time to time

Learning Outcome

On successful completion of the course the candidate should:

  • Know the basics of mutual funds, their role and structure, different kinds of mutual fund schemes and their features
  • Know how mutual funds are distributed in the market-place, how specified schemes are to be evaluated and how suitable schemes can be recommended by this cadre of distributors to prospective investors.
  • Know the rules and regulations related to distribution of specified products.
  • Know the basics of financial planning as an approach to investing in mutual funds.


  • 16 Videos
  • 3+ Hours of Content
  • 10 Supplementary Study Materials

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