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Options Scalping Trading Strategy by Sivakumar Jayachandran

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Course Highlights

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  • 2+ hours of Live Interactive Session
  • 12+ hours of Live Trading Sessions
  • Self-Evaluation Tests
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As an option scalper, have you taken multiple trades throughout the day to earn a small profit each time? 

But at the end of the day, you wind up with huge losses. Actually, you must understand that options scalping can be rewarding for you if you can effectively manage your risk and remain disciplined. 

Otherwise, you end up with overtrading, which can lead to increased transaction costs, losses, and emotional burnout.

Understanding these factors, we have created an advanced options scalping trading course that offers a holistic overview of scalp trading. This options scalping course by Sivakumar Jayachandaran, who has 15+ years of experience,  is an ace scalper and one of the rare traders who have generated consistent returns by buying options. 

This course will provide you with a practical approach to help you understand scalping trading, including options buying vs selling, different types of trading styles, and the importance of scalping in options trading. Then, you will know how the Dow market influences the global market. 

You will also explore and analyze various options parameters, including India VIX, OI Analysis, OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants and Implied Volatility. Here, you will also understand how to read charts and what the best indicator for scalping are. 

This scalp trading course is a live and self-paced program where you will get an in-depth understanding of various options scalping strategy. You will also learn how to execute long and short trades by using scalping trading indicators in the real market. Here, you will also get 2 live trading sessions where our expert will also guide you on how to manage your risk and emotions while trading option scalping

Please find below the overview of the topics covered in the Advanced Options Scalping Course:

Topic 1: Introduction of Scalping

  • Understand the pros and cons of option buying and selling.
  • Explore various trading styles and their characteristics, including Intraday trading, Scalping, Swing trading and Short-term Swing Trading.
  • Significance of Scalping as a Trading Style.
  • Know why scalping options is an appealing Trading Style.

Topic 2: Dow & World Markets

  • Understand the Dow Market and its Characteristics.
  • Know the Impact of the Dow on the Global Market.

Topic 3: Understanding India VIX and its Implications

  • Explore India VIX and the Steps involved in Calculating it.
  • Understand the Implications of India VIX.

Topic 4: Going Deep in OI Analysis

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Open Interest and its importance.
  • Understand the difference between Open Interest and Trading Volume.
  • Learn how to Analyze and Calculate Open Interest.
  • Know the Advanced Open Interest Analysis Techniques.

Topic 5: OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants

  • Explore and Identify OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants.
  • Understand the Implications of OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants.
  • Analyze and Build Trading Strategies based on these quadrants.

Topic 6: Implied Volatility

  • Get an in-depth understanding of Implied Volatility.
  • Understand the significance of Implied Volatility.
  • Interpret the Implied Volatility and know its implications.

Topic 7: Chart Indicators

  • Learn about the various charts, including Line Charts and Candlesticks Charts.
  • Analyze and Interpret various key indicators, i.e., Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWAP), SuperTrend, Weighted Moving Average (WMA) and Parabolic SAR.

Topic 8:Trading Strategies

  • Know how to initiate long and short trades using the 2 candle theory in the real market.
  • Learn how to use the OI Expiry Day Strategy in the live chart.
  • Build long and short trade using the Trending OI Crossover Strategy on the live chart.
  • Execute the Golden Crossover Strategy in the live trades.
  • Understand how the Gap Theory works and initiate long and short trades.
  • Know how to build using the Opening Trade Strategy in the real market.
  • Learn how to initiate long and short positions using the BTST Strategy on the live trades.
  • Implement the Open and High Strategy for taking long and short trades on the live chart.

Want to know more, speak to our Program Advisor, call +91 9748222555.

Sivakumar Jayachandran

About the Trainer

Sivakumar Jayachandran

11553 Learners 1006 reviews

Sivakumar Jayachandran is an ace scalper with over 15 years of experience and one of the rare traders who has generated consistent returns by buying options. An entrepreneur by nature, Sivakumar co-founded a startup in the Healthcare Industry and led it successfully to grow into a profitable company with 800 employees.

He started with a vision to empower retail investors, who are often at the receiving end in markets dominated by big players. The Indian Derivative market is no exception to this. He proved his mettle by successfully scalping index options, thus breaking the myth that option buyers don’t make consistent money. Moving along with his vision, he has actively turned to mentoring other traders.

Know More

What Will You Learn?

  • Get an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of option buying and selling.
  • Know various types of trading styles and their characteristics.
  • Know how Dow's Influences world markets.
  • Understand the Implications of India VIX.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of Open Interest and know how to Analyze it.
  • Explore Advanced Open Interest Analysis Techniques.
  • Identify and Analyze the OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants.
  • Understand how to read charts using various indicators.
  • Learn how to build long and short positions using different scalp trading options strategies on live charts.
  • Learn how to manage your risk and emotions in live trading.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction of Scalping
  • Dow & World Markets
  • India VIX and its Implications
  • OI Analysis
  • OI Spurts and 4 Quadrants
  • Implied Volatility
  • Chart Indicators
  • 2 Candle Theory
  • OI Expiry Day Strategy
  • Trending OI Crossover Strategy
  • Golden Crossover Strategy
  • Gap Theory
  • Opening Trade Strategy
  • BTST Strategy
  • Open & High Strategy

Intended Participants

Anyone interested in taking a deep dive into option scalp trading and learning how to manage overtrading in the real market can join this course. 

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In this course, the participant will be required to appear for the online examination hosted on the website of Elearnmarkets.com. Please note that the participant will get the Certificate of Completion after successfully clearing the online examination.
  • The student has to appear for an examination hosted on the website itself under “Test section >> Certification Test”
  • In case of any further assistance, drop an email to support@elearnmarkets.com or call: 9051622255.
Other Details:
  • Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Pattern of questions: Multiple choice-based questions of 2 marks each.
  • Qualifying marks: 60%
Certificate of Completion:
After successful completion of the online examination, participants need to go to the "My Certificate" tab in the Student Dashboard to download the certificate for the respective course.

Sivakumar Jayachandran

Instructed By

Sivakumar Jayachandran


*incl. of Taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

The program validity is 3 years.
Yes, you get the certificate of completion of the program.
This program suits those who want to become full-time or part-time traders.
You must have basic knowledge of the options to get started with this course.
This program is a combination of both live and recorded classes.
Please write to us at support@elearnmarkets.com if you have any questions or queries.
Effective risk management and discipline assist in minimizing losses. Scalpers can avoid emotional trading decisions using predetermined rules and strategies.
The Dow market is a key indicator of stock market performance, providing insight into the overall condition of the economy. When the Dow rises, it generally signals that the markets are rising, and vice versa.
India VIX is a volatility index based on the NIFTY Index Option prices. It helps to determine the option prices. A higher VIX means higher prices for options while a lower VIX means lower option prices
When the price rises with an increase in the OI then it shows more buyers are entering the market and purchases are being made aggressively and vice-versa. It helps to determine whether the market is getting weaker or stronger.
Options scalping is a dynamic and rapid trading strategy that involves making quick, short-term trades on options contracts to capitalize on minor price fluctuations while other strategies may have have different time horizon or trading goals. So, before choosing a strategy, consider these factors.
Effective risk management and discipline assist in minimizing losses. Without considering these two factors, scalpers may trade solely on emotions, which leads to significant losses.
Overtrading, ignoring to set stop losses, high transaction costs, and numerous trades for profit are all common pitfalls of options scalping.

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