Personal Financial Planning

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When planning personal finances, the individual would consider the suitability to his or her needs of a range of banking products or investment private equity and insurance.This course intends to train you become financially independent. You will learn how to plan for your future, financial planning for newly married couple, plan for your child’s future and planning for your pension.


Personal Financial Planning course by Elearnmarkets intends to create awareness about the need and the criticality in the minds of the audience for having a well thought out financial roadmap early  enough in life, the actions to be taken and the timing of the various actions to be taken, to impress upon the participants, that they need to commit a part of their time to plan, execute and periodically review the financial aspects of their lives order to reap the benefits and avoid financial pitfalls in the journey of life.


Preparing and following your Personal Financial Plan has the following benefits:

  • It ensures a financial discipline in the way you manage your finances
  • It helps you to achieve your life goals without resorting to external resources
  • It protects you from Financial blows caused by unforeseen events like critical illness, death, accidents
  • It reduces the impact of the financial loss of your assets in case of force Majeure events like Earthquake, Tsunami etc, and
  • It helps you to retire gracefully, without depending on anyone and lead your life with dignity

Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Some fundamental Concepts
  • Life Goals Identifying, Listing, timing and Prioritizing your life goals
  • Converting your Life Goals into Financial values
  • The impact of Inflation on your savings
  • Planning your Expense Budget
  • Planning for contingencies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risks of life and ways of Managing the risk
  • Life Insurance an General Insurance
  • Investments

Intended Participants

  • Students in their final year of education (will derive maximum benefit)
  • Young professionals who have recently joined the workforce
  • Mid career professionals
  • People in their mid forties who are approaching retirements
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Couples without kids and Couples with young kids
  • Married women who are Home makers

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