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A fixed income security can be defined as any investment that gives a fixed return in the form of periodic payments of a specified amount and the repayment of principal amount on maturity. Such securities are usually used by investors to diversify their portfolios. This course aims to teach the participants about various aspects of fixed income securities such as types,risks associated with them, etc.


This programme will enable the students to develop a comprehensive knowledge bank on the fundamentals of fixed income securities. They will also get to know how to diversify their investment portfolios by using fixed income securities. The learners will also gain an in-depth understanding of the bonds market in general and Indian bonds market in particular.


On successful competition of the course; the participants will be able:

  • To learn about both basic as well as advanced topics of fixed income securities.
  • To understand in detail the Indian Bonds Market 
  • To know how to use fixed income securities as a diversifying tool.

Topics Covered

  • How to select and invest in Fixed Income Securities?
  • Types of risks involved in Fixed Income Securities
  • In-Depth discussion of bonds in Fixed Income Securities
  • Career aspects in the world of Fixed Income Securities

Intended Participants

This programme is suitable for Graduates/Post Graduates,Working Professionals, any individual looking to gain knowledge on the fixed income securities domain.


  • 4 Videos
  • 1+ Hour of Video Content


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