Strategic Financial Management

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Strategic financial management helps the student understand various financial concepts. It gives a broader perspective of how to plan and execute the knowledge of finance in the running of an organization. The increased globalization and increased depth of financial markets in the world make it imperative for students to have exemplary knowledge of this field. Risk management techniques in financial management have also gained importance in the last decade or so especially after the 2008 crisis.

The videos thoroughly cover the Chartered Accountancy curriculum for a robust preparation. Concepts of finance are explained through the use of text, illustration and examples. E-learning makes the process of learning faster, better and pleasant.

Once taken, you can access this course for a period of 4 months.


This is a 4 in 1 course which aims to build detailed understanding on topics Derivatives, Foreign exchange, Portfolio theory and Capital budgeting. Individuals looking to build their career in finance should definitely opt for the course and it is build keeping professional aspect in mind. 


You are getting the benefit of 4 course in this single course and that too at an affordable price. Individuals pursuing professional courses like CA or CFA should definitely go for this power pact course. It is a detailed course explained with the help suitable illustrations. 

Topics Covered

  • Derivatives- It explains Derivative in full detail right from forward, futures, options, swaps, hedging, arbitrage to greek, option valuation and interest rate derivative.
  • Foreign Exchange- It explains the foreign exchange course right from the scratch..
  • Portfolio theory- It discusses about topics like efficient market hypothesis, hedge funds, CAPM, portfolio strategies, WACC etc.
  • Capital Budgeting- It talks about feasibility of project and risk involved in capital budgeting. 

Intended Participants

  • CA, CFA students
  • Working professionals willing to build career in finance can opt for the course
  • People willing to change career and apply for a new job
  • Interested finance candidates

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