Tax Planning for Financial Planners


An individual who is very much interested about the financial markets makes all the necessary efforts to know everything about the market. But there is another related topic that most of all ignore, which is Tax Planning. People often is not aware about how to save tax.Tax planning is very much important for an assessee who is earning money from the markets and is liable to pay taxes on that income. A good tax planner can not only reduce the tax liability with an amazing tax saving scheme but also save the money and do the market transactions in a smooth and effortless manner. For this reason every person who is interested about money market has to gather essential knowledge about tax planning by pursuing the tax saving course.


Objective of the tax saving course is to impart proper knowledge about tax planning. From this course, a learner will get the required knowledge about tax planning procedure. It will help him acquire good knowledge about the law sections which will guide him in reducing the tax liability and enjoy the investments in market.


The students who would enrol for tax planning course will be very much benefitted, as he/she will learn about investments, tax planning procedure and tax saving tips, thus be able to save wisely.

Topics Covered

  • Tax System in India
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Planning in India
  • Income from Business and Profession
  • Minimum Alternate Tax
  • Amalgamation and Merger
  • Hire Purchase and Installment System

Intended Participants

  • Any fresher who is yet to invest in markets
  • Any market participant who does not possess adequate knowledge about tax planning


  • 3 Hrs of videos
  • 2 FLTs

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