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  • Listed In : Financial Markets
  • Language : English
  • Difficulty : Basic
  • Validity : 1 Years
  • Program : Self-Paced Recorded
  • Instructor : FinnovationZ India

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  • 10 Videos
  • 1+ hours of  Content


In this course, we have discussed everything you need to know about mutual funds. From an overview of how mutual funds work and the details of the types of mutual funds to more in-depth topics like investment strategies and taxation in mutual funds, we have covered it all. 

Mutual funds have fast developed as one of the easiest and the best sources of investment. Easier than direct investments in the share market, yet with higher returns than bank deposits, mutual funds offer investors the best of both worlds. 

At the end of the course, we cover the details of the different ways you can opt for mutual fund investments. 

All you need to understand this course is a basic knowledge of investment and the urge to know more.

About the Trainer

FinnovationZ India

FinnovationZ India

Prasad Lendwe’s journey has been about learning from experience and dispensing the same to the masses and people around him. He pursued a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai and later on a B.E in Electrical Engineering. He is a self taught person who has learned and is still learning from real life experiences and resources at hand. Talking about the nuances of stock market investment with the tinge of his personal experience his community (FinnovationZ India) grew exponentially, and now is a family of 1.5 million subscribers who love him for his simple and effective explanation about the nitty gritty of the finance world. His journey and efforts have been voluntarily covered by “bloomberg” “NDTV” “Quartz” “Startup Info” to name a few.


  • The primary objective of this Ultimate Guide to Mutual Funds is to provide all the answers you need under one roof. 
  • If you don't have enough time to go into the in-depth research and analysis you require for successful stock market investments, if you are a passive investor or are just starting your own investments, mutual funds are the answer for you. 
  • This course will arm you with all the basic concepts you require to start your own mutual fund investments.


  • With the help of this course, you can clear your concepts and understand the nitty-gritty of mutual fund investments. From the various schemes to the different methods of investment, you will understand it all. 
  • As a wise man once said, you cannot build a great building on a weak foundation. In the same way, you cannot build a strong investment portfolio if you don't clear your concepts. 
  • This course will arm you with the requisite skills to be a strong and successful mutual fund investor. 

Topics Covered


This chapter containing 1 lecture gives you the basic information on How do Mutual Funds work. In this chapter, you will come across basic terms such as Fund, Asset Management Company, Debt financing, Equity financing, etc.


Lecture 1- How do Mutual Funds Work?

This lecture gives you the required lesson on the working mechanism of Mutual Funds. You get to know about Asset Management Companies and mutual fund schemes with the help of examples. Grab a detailed knowledge of Debt Financing and Equity Financing.



This chapter containing a total of 8 lectures gives a complete idea of the concept of a mutual fund, how it works, how to choose a mutual fund as well as the process of making a mutual fund investment. Further, you get to learn about various types of mutual funds, the benefit of choosing them, and their disadvantages too.


Lecture 1- Types of Mutual Funds

This lecture gives detailed information on the various types of mutual funds You get to have in-depth knowledge about Equity Mutual Funds and their types as well. These types are explained with proper examples.


Lecture 2- Types of Debt Funds

This lecture starts with a detailed explanation of types of Debt Funds. You get to learn about government bonds and their advantages as well. You also get a chance to grab knowledge regarding Hybrid Funds which invest in both equity and debt funds.


Lecture 3- What are Open-ended and Close-ended funds?

This lecture gives a thorough explanation of open-ended and close-ended funds. Classification of mutual funds based on the types of market. Grab information on the Capital protected Scheme.


Lecture 4- Understanding Scheme Information Document

The lecture gives a thorough explanation of concepts like New Fund Offer, Benchmark Index, Lump-Sum amount, Entry and Exit Load, and much more. Along with this, you get to learn about the Scheme Information Document.


Lecture 5- Learn about Investment Strategies

In this lecture, you get to learn about two popular investment strategies including Value Investing and Growth Investing. Know about the importance of the Expense Ratio. Acquaint yourself with the concept of the Key Information Memorandum.


Lecture 6- Taxation in Mutual Funds

The lecture gives an elaborate explanation of the concept of Taxation on Return in different mutual funds. Indexation is fully explained with the help of examples. You also get complete detail on Index Cost.


Lecture 7- How to choose Mutual Funds?

This lecture gives in-depth knowledge on How to choose Mutual Funds, explaining the step-by-step process. You get to understand the benefits and disadvantages of choosing various types of mutual funds.


Lecture 8- Understanding Large Cap Mutual Fund Schemes

This lecture continues to explain the process of choosing a mutual fund that suits your investment needs. Along with that you also get to learn about large-cap mutual fund schemes in detail. How to analyze a fund manager’s expertise?



This last chapter contains 1 lecture. It is designed to give a thorough explanation of the process of making mutual fund investments either through a Regular plan or a Direct Plan.


Lecture 1- How to make Mutual Fund Investment?

This lecture gives an insight into the process of making a mutual fund investment in India. Two methods namely Direct Plan and Regular Plan are explained in a detailed way.

Intended Participants

This course is specially prepared for the people who are interested in knowing mutual funds and wants to have investment in mutual funds.


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