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To awaken brilliant young minds to the nuance of the world of Finance. Here is a one-stop-shop for all you wanted to learn about Finance and Investments. It covers the entire gamut, right from the building-blocks in Financial literacy to lucrative career choices in the financial markets.

Did you know?

Warren Buffet started investing at the age of 11.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala started looking at the Stock Markets from his school days.
Peter Lynch saved his pocket money in college
to make his first investment in an Air Cargo Industry.

Knowledge of finance is a life skill. Get your child started today.

ELM School Modules


This module presents a bird’s eye view of Financial literacy- the skill and resources required to prudently manage financial assets and achieve your financial goals.

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Personal Finance for Teens

This age-neutral module focuses on the vital need for gaining financial literacy early. It extols the virtues of early investment and the power of compounding.

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Importance of Investments

This module is a masterclass on the significance and the availability of various forms of investment. It will explain important concepts like interest, inflation, and the power of compounding (vs simple interest).

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A2Z Of Money

“A2Z of money”- an introduction to the magical world of money, banking, and finance, simply presented, in easy-to-understand modules. This is a tailor-made package for pre-teen middle-schoolers in classes 6-8 and helps them to acquire knowledge that's exciting as well as useful.

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A2Z Of Finance

“A2Z of Finance”, a course in an informal classroom conversation format, designed to equip the participants with all the fundamentals of finance. It seeks to instill a strong foundation of monetary discipline in the audience.

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A2Z of Stock Market for Beginners

“A2Z of Stock Markets”- a course that will help the audience to explore, the world of stock markets. Intended for bright young millennials, this course presented as an engaging classroom conversation that will help the participants begin their investment journey.

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Whether you are a novice, budding investor, trader, or seeking an exciting career - ELM Teens has something for each one of you!

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