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Abhijit Phatak

Abhijit Phatak

SEBI certified Research Analyst
Experience of more than 15 years; Mr Phatak is well known for his unique technique of using charts on option premiums. He terms some of these snakes and is very interesting ones to learn for directional traders. He also uses techniques to decode expiry via. option premium combination charts.
Abhijit Phatak is a SEBI certified Research Analyst and has been studying and trading on the basis of charts since 2003-2004.
He has developed a unique method of identifying what the market is up to on the basis of charts of Options, and also straddles, OI of options and Put-Call ratio at various strike prices. He has observed on many occasions how options charts have a different story to tell, sometimes exactly opposite to what the chart of the underlying is showing.
The momentum of a trend in the indices can also be identified on the basis of charts of a bunch of straddles. Almost all the techniques have been developed on his own by observing them over the years and many of the techniques that he uses are not found in any textbook of technical analysis.
He conducts sessions on his observations that have been well received by participants currently at Definedge Solutions

Abhijit Phatak
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