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Kunal Saraogi

Kunal Saraogi

Our expert, Mr. Kunal Saraogi, is a trader and investor, fund manager, renowned market commentator, and SEBI registered research analyst with 20+ years of experience. He has been a mentor to a growing number of passionate investors who have had extraordinary success in the markets using techniques and principles he developed and perfected.

Kunal Saraogi

With more than two decades of expertise, Mr. Kunal Saraogi is a renowned figure in the fast-paced world of financial markets, where reliability and expertise are important. Well-known for his skills as a trader, investor, fund manager, and SEBI certified research analyst, he has not only made a name for himself but also served as a mentor to many other investors who have followed his techniques and principles and seen remarkable returns in the markets.

Kunal Saraogi Education: He completed his school eduction from Cambridge School at Noida. Graduated from University of Delhi and got financial education from ST. Joseph Academy, Dehradun.

Based in Noida, Kunal Saraogi is the founder and CEO of Equityrush, an organization that was the first to offer structured education in the area of technical and quantitative analysis in India through its one-of-a-kind classroom programs. Besides providing advanced-level training to professional analysts and traders, Equityrush provides high-end technical analysis-based research on Indian and global equities and commodities markets to a large number of institutional and corporate investors. 

Not content with limiting his expertise to the professional realm, he has been instrumental in spreading financial awareness among the public. He created his own YouTube channel with the name Kunal Saraogi on 21st June 2017. With more than a million subscribers, the channel has established itself as a trusted source for anybody looking for unbiased, practical market knowledge. His ability to present complicated concepts in simple and understandable language has resonated with a wide audience, simplifying issues such as stocks, options, swing trading, algo trading, charts, and fundamentals.

He has a deep understanding and hard-to-find professional expertise in the various techniques and concepts of technical analysis, trading systems and portfolio management. His dedication to education is a remarkable aspect of his profession. Having addressed more than 15,000 traders and investors nationwide, he has led several workshops and seminars throughout the years. The purpose of these seminars is to impart to participants the advantages of incorporating technical analysis into their investing strategies. His educational endeavours have had a significant influence on top B-Schools and universities. He has given lectures at these esteemed establishments, which include DIAS, IIPM, Amity Business School, National Institute of Financial Management, and IIM Lucknow. 

Another indication of his dedication to information sharing is his debut into the world of literature. His first book on technical analysis was published in November 2019 and provides readers with a thorough understanding of the concepts that have been essential to his success. His role as a trainer will be further enhanced by this endeavour, which guarantees that his knowledge will continue to motivate and mentor both seasoned professionals and those just starting out in the financial markets.

Another indication of the respect and recognition he has in the financial sector is his media presence. He has been a frequent contributor to prominent business networks, including CNBC TV18, ET NOW, CNBC Awaaz, Doordarshan, and Zee Business, for more than 20 years. He is now the main analyst on Zee Business, where he has acquired vast recognition due to his vastly popular trading and investment stock picks. 

In addition to his professional accomplishments, he is renowned for his wide range of interests and avid reading habits. His extensive understanding of a variety of topics, from law and finance to economics and business history, demonstrates an in-depth approach to mastering the complexities of the financial world.

In conclusion, his experience serves as evidence of the transformational power of knowledge, guidance and a dedication to empowering others. As a trader, investor, trainer, and writer, he keeps influencing the financial markets in India, creating a lasting legacy and motivating an emerging generation of market players.