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Milind Upasani

Milind Upasani

Mechanical Engineer and MBA in Supply Chain Management, Milind became a full-time trader in July after 25 years in the IT and manufacturing industry. He has been an avid investor for 15 years, trading in equity based on techno-funda analysis. He used scanners/alerts to execute his trades.

Being immensely passionate about enabling others to have financial freedom, I am active on social platforms to share investment studies, conduct group webinars, and one on one coaching engagements as per the interest of retail investors.

Milind Upasani
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What our students have to say

Pune-based Milind Upasani is an experienced trader and investor who followed a unique route in the financial markets. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Milind made the move from a successful corporate background to a full-time stock market involvement, and his story is quite remarkable.

Early Years and Corporate Background

Milind's career began in the corporate sector, where he made important contributions to several businesses, such as Satyam Computers and Tata Motors. His experience with materials management and procurement in the senior defence forces gave him great insight into the inner workings of large organisations. He gained knowledge of the value of diligence, an understanding of business subtleties, and an appreciation of the effort involved in stock movements from his experience in the corporate environment.

His Transition to Becoming Milind Upasani Trader

In 2020, Milind Upasani made a significant decision to leave his corporate position and pursue full-time trading and investing. The COVID-19 pandemic's unusual conditions, which gave him the time and chance to pursue his passion for the financial markets, served as the spark for this shift.

Milind's Trading Philosophy

He uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis in his trading strategy. He emphasizes using an overall stock selection technique along with indicators like moving averages and RSI. However, he gives technical analysis a substantial 70% of the weight and fundamental analysis 25–30%.

His trading strategies are divided into three groups: Turtles, Tigers, and Snails. Every animal serves as a metaphor for a distinct psychological profile when it comes to managing stocks; tigers are momentum-driven, while snails move more slowly and are less volatile. Furthermore, Milind uses a strategy known as "Dark Horse," in which stock movements are predicted in part by intuition.

Since 2020, he has been a committed trader who values positional and swing trading over intraday activity. He gets up between 4:30 and 5:00 am and plays tennis to clear his head. He emphasizes foundational work, spends time with scanners, and uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to study stocks. Between 7:30 and 9:00 am on Twitter, he shares his observations along with charts to help his followers better understand each other. His trading plan suggests selling during the morning market frenzy and thinking about buying stocks between 11:30 and 12:30, followed by a comprehensive stock study that takes two to three days.

He emphasizes the value of transparency and education in the trading community and supports an all-encompassing strategy that combines fundamental and technical analysis. He emphasizes discipline and advises taking pauses during market downturns, striking a balance between coaching responsibilities and family time, and giving content quality the top priority. Drawing on the film "Tumbad" to promote simulated learning prior to taking a deep dive into trading, He advises novice investors to learn from market mistakes, invest gradually, and stay away from high-risk choices until they have a solid understanding of the market.

Social media presence and educational initiatives

Beyond trading, Milind actively participates in mentoring and educating others. His social media presence, especially on Twitter, acts as a central point for the trading community's knowledge-sharing and awareness-raising efforts. He frequently discusses swing and positional trading in his tweets, offering insightful analysis and viewpoints.


Milind Upasani's transition from the corporate sector to full-time trading is an outstanding example of perseverance, adaptability, and a deep comprehension of market dynamics. His original method of classifying trading methods according to animal archetypes shows an extensive understanding of the psychological elements of trading.

Milind's story acts as an inspiration for those navigating the complex environment of financial markets as he continues to contribute to the trading community through education and mentoring. Aspiring traders and investors can learn a lot from Milind's path, whether it's about developing a mindset of constant learning or stressing the value of a balanced approach. He is a guiding light of knowledge in a market that is frequently marked by volatility and unpredictability, helping traders make well-informed and calculated decisions.