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Prakash Gaba

Prakash Gaba


Prakash Gaba has over 20 years of experience in the market. He is a SEBI registered Research Analyst & is also a Certified Financial Technician, technical trader and trading mentor, and a winner of the Viewers Choice ’Best Technical Award’. He has appeared on all Business Channels in the country and regularly writes for various newspapers and magazines, and is invited for lectures and seminars all over the country. He is a regular face on CNBC TV18 & CNBC Awaz.

Prakash Gaba
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What our students have to say

Prakash Gaba is a trading mentor, a technical trader, and a Certified Financial Technician. He is a postgraduate management student who was first introduced to the business world in the late 1970s as a young Senior Manager. He enjoys reading a lot, has a wide range of interests, is a skilled athlete, and takes part in competitive sports. He is a Marksman and an Aviator who has a passion for Flying. His hobby is hang gliding, and he was one of the first in the nation to do so. His passion for nature led him on river rafting and trekking expeditions into the Himalayan foothills. In addition to enjoying sailing in Mumbai Harbour, he is an expert windsurfer and scuba diver. His love for adventure introduced him to the thrilling sport of Snow Skiing and Water Skiing, which he embraced in the early seventies while still in its infancy in the country. He is fearless, and Sky Diving does not scare him.

Prakash Gaba Qualification
1. Certified Financial Technician
2. SEBI Registered Analyst

His Professional Journey
Prakash Gaba, who was born with a natural aptitude for finance, started his career by gaining a strong educational foundation. Equipped with a finance degree, he combined academic understanding with an enthusiasm for market dynamics, paving the way for a successful and dynamic career.

Prakash Gaba Trader Journey
In keeping with his character, he developed an interest in technical analysis after a bizarre incident. He would purchase on tips and sell on tips, and he earned a lot of money doing so, until one fateful day when he lost all he had made in one week, and that was the day he decided that he would only buy on his own tips and sell on his own recommendations. He was going to make his own advice.
He secluded himself from the outside world and allowed himself to have only two friends. His pursuit of knowledge drove him to study technical analysis for more than 16 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week. He also read more than 100 books on the subject throughout the course of three years, and he continues this pattern to this day. He considers Technical Analysis to be among the most challenging subjects he has come across.

Notable Achievements
In addition to being a SEBI-registered research analyst, Prakash Gaba won the Viewers' Choice "Best Technical Analyst Award" and was given the honour by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Over the last 20 years, he has been on all of the nation's business channels, written for several newspapers and magazines, and had numerous invitations to give lectures and seminars across the nation. He now appears on CNBC Awaaz Business Channel and CNBC TV18. He has an avid following because of his ability to explain the complexities of financial markets and offer valuable perspectives. Beyond accurate predictions, his influence can be seen in his dedication to giving people the resources they need to take charge of their financial futures.

Educational Initiatives & Authorship
Prakash Gaba has actively participated in educational initiatives because he understands the importance of financial literacy. He provides information and skills to prospective market participants through workshops, seminars, and educational programmes, helping to build a community of more knowledgeable and self-confident investors and traders.
Prakash Gaba's extensive writing career demonstrates that his influence is not limited to technical analysis. Prakash Gaba books, articles, and market insights provide readers with an in-depth look at market behaviour, trading strategies, and risk management. By writing about them, he hopes to help a wider audience understand the intricacies of the financial markets.

Prakash Gaba’s Guiding Principles
Prakash Gaba is a warrior who loves challenges and is a constant seeker of excellence in the financial industry. In addition to showing his determination, his firm motto, "Never give's so easy...anyone can do that," also acts as motivation for those navigating the intricacies of the financial markets. Practicality is the foundation of Gaba's guidance, which urges against blindly following until one is confident that the source is more knowledgeable than you. His main goal is to make sure that none of his readers lose what they have accomplished, stressing the need to protect their financial gains. His main views are based on a simple conviction: trading is all about generating money; there is no place for secondary goals or distractions.