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Rajesh Sriwastava

Rajesh Sriwastava

Mr Rajesh Sriwastava has a degree in business management , He is a derivatives trader and has over 20 years of trading experience in the Indian stock market. He tracks derivatives data points such as Open interest, Greeks to generate his trading strategies

During his career, Rajesh has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of derivatives and Greeks, this rich experience has enabled him to be a positional trader with consistent return.

Rajesh is passionate about Quantitative & Derivatives research. He believes that research is quite essential to positioning into trade/stock ahead of mass positioning in any stock .

He has developed his own methodology which in its simple form was developed to help traders to generate consistent profitable trade through option data. Rajesh is helping full time traders , salaried and professionals to make earnings from the stock market .

Rajesh is an active speaker at different traders’ events

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