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Rakesh Bansal

Rakesh Bansal

Rakesh Bansal, a postgraduate in International Business Management, approached the stock market in the year 1998 to make a livelihood from trading. He is a results-driven professional with more than two decades of rich experience in the areas of trading & investment. He is an expert panellist with Zee Business.

He is the author of three books: Profitable Short-term Trading Strategies, Profitable Elliot Wave Trading Strategies and Profitable Trading with Dow Theory.

Rakesh Bansal
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What our students have to say

Rakesh Bansal, a postgraduate in Business Management, grew interested in the stock market in 1998 and is now a full-time market trader, mentor, and advisor. Equally, he is a prominently featured market expert on top Indian business television channels.

Renowned for his achievements in the financial industry, Rakesh Bansal has spun a tale of success from the threads of a modest background in Delhi to becoming a seasoned trader and a well-respected market expert. His journey is not just evidence of financial competence but also of tenacity, adaptation, and an undying enthusiasm for the stock market.

Rakesh Bansal Qualification

Raised in a middle-class family, his early years were defined by conventional goals and expectations from his parents. His father, who supplied daily necessities from Sadar Bazaar, had hoped his son would become a doctor. Even though he had little interest in science, he gave up to the pressure of his family and chose to major in science during his higher education, finally earning a B.Pharma. He then went on to pursue an MBA from Lucknow University.

But his life was meant to go in a different direction. Rejections from prominent companies like Panacea and Biotech were part of his journey after graduation as he struggled to find steady employment. Relentlessly, he embarked on his professional career by joining the Shainto Institute of Ultrasound Instruments.

The Beginning of the Financial Journey

His expectations were not met by corporate life, and he had to reevaluate his plan of action when he saw his efforts failing to yield long-term success. He had experimented with trading and investing throughout his MBA days, and this contemplation had brought him to this field.

Rakesh Bansal, who had a deep interest in the stock market, dived into the complexities of trading, ignoring trading indicators and taking a pragmatic approach. The chance meeting with market expert Saurabh Surji during his sister's wedding brought him out of financial hardship and proved to be a pivotal moment when he was introduced to mechanical trading. Despite having little money, he demonstrated his dedication to comprehending market dynamics by manually drawing charts and navigating the K-10 share bull run.

The Role of Saurabh Surji

During his journey, Saurabh Surji emerged as a key character who influenced his trading philosophy. Mr. Surji’s automated trading methods, especially his use of Parabolic SAR on a 60-minute chart, were the main drivers of his prosperity. The relationship enabled him to profit from the whole bull run in K-10 stocks, highlighting the importance of mentorship and learning from seasoned experts.

Philosophy and Approach

His journey as Rakesh Bansal trader is distinguished by its spontaneity, uniqueness, and rejection of predetermined directions. He emphasises the value of taking lessons from experiences in life and using them in the stock market. His philosophy highlights how life is unpredictable and how important it is to adjust and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Notable Achievement

Dr. Rakesh Bansal has been in the financial markets for more than 25 years. He is the author of 3 books and has always worked on making complex financial concepts easy to understand and implement for a common retail participant. In the last 25 years, he has immensely contributed to spreading financial literacy in India. has trained more than 43000 participants in financial markets. He is a firm believer that wealth can be made in the stock market with consistency, patience and dedication.

Rakesh Bansal Portfolio

Rakesh Bansal publicly holds 1 stock with a net worth of more than Rs. 27.4 L, according to corporate shareholdings declared for September 30, 2023.


Rakesh Bansal's journey from a middle-class upbringing to prominence in the financial world is a story of determination, adaptability, and a profound passion for the stock market. His experiences, struggles, and triumphs offer valuable inspiration for aspiring traders, underscoring the importance of continuous learning and a pragmatic mindset in the dynamic realm of finance. In a landscape often dominated by predefined career paths, his narrative stands as a testament to the strength of pursuing one's passion, overcoming obstacles, and maintaining a commitment to perpetual learning—a holistic approach to life that goes beyond financial gains. His story highlights how every experience, whether favourable or challenging, contributes to the development of character and insight crucial for navigating the intricate world of finance.