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Vijay Thakare

Vijay Thakare

Being a trader comes naturally to Vijay Thakare as he has been through multiple fields throughout his career. He started as a paper delivery boy, gradually moving to sales and marketing. He successfully launched and managed a BPO for 10 years with a team size of 100 people and client lists ranging from AT&T and Comcast to Verizon. He has been a part-time trader for 3 years and a full-time trader for the past 2 years as an options buyer/scalper/momentum trader.

His forte is mainly momentum trading, with trades ranging from 30 seconds to 3 hours.

Vijay Thakare
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Struggling Years and Early Ventures

The beginning of Vijay Thakare journey was simple. After completing his tenth-grade education, he embarked on a variety of jobs, including door-to-door sales and newspaper delivery due to financial difficulties. His persistence led him to explore alternative options in spite of obstacles.

The turning point came when Vijay entered the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, where he was faced with the demands of reaching targets and working long hours. Despite the difficulties, this experience strengthened his abilities and resilience, paving the way for his success in the future.

His Journey to Entrepreneurship

He continued with his business ventures, undeterred by his early setbacks. He made the bold choice to start his own company in 2008, and while overcoming obstacles, he gained priceless experience. In 2011, a crucial turning point occurred, resulting in the successful generation of 1.5 crores in the first year.

Entry into the Stock Market

There were personal hurdles and health problems throughout his path. In spite of bronchitis and other health concerns, he continued pursuing his goal of achievement and emphasized the value of perseverance and hard effort in overcoming obstacles. 

Vijay Thakare made the decision to diversify his investments in 2012–2013 and approached the stock market with caution and curiosity. He first invested in mutual funds, disregarding the overall public's skepticism of stock market involvement. Eventually, he made his official entry into the stock trading industry in 2015 when he created a broker account.

The moment a bank recognized his financial expertise and offered to open a brokerage account for him was a pivotal moment in his financial journey. He ventured into individual stock trading with personalized advice and the potential for substantial rewards.

From Trading Losses to Profitable Transformation

As he explores the world of stock trading, his story takes an interesting turn. After suffering large losses at first, he had a breakthrough during the COVID-19 pandemic by taking time off from his usual work to completely commit to trading. He progressively transformed into a profitable trader with the help of mentors and structured learning courses.

He decided to go full-time into trading in June 2020, beginning from scratch with a capital of 3 lakhs. He doubled his capital in three successive expiries by September 2020, demonstrating the possibility of success in the stock market with the right mindset and strategy.

His focus on mental health when trading gives his journey a unique aspect. Recognizing the effect that trade has on mental health, he emphasizes the significance of positive change amid challenging circumstances.

In May 2021, he also opened his YouTube channel named Momentum Trading with Vijay Thakare. 

He advises budding traders to focus on learning about the stock market first, then progressing to more difficult areas such as derivatives and using a comprehensive strategy that combines knowledge, discipline, and drive. He also emphasizes the necessity of a strong trading infrastructure in order to manage market surges. 

Aspiring traders and entrepreneurs might draw inspiration from Vijay Thakare's journey. His journey from overcoming adversity in his early years to figuring out the complexities of business and stock trading and becoming the Vijay Thakare trader is a perfect example of the strength of perseverance, flexibility, and never-ending learning. His skills in the fast-paced world of business and finance are invaluable for anybody hoping to carve out a name for themselves in the cutthroat world of stock market trading and entrepreneurship.