A Perfect Trading Setup for Part Time Traders in Business/Job.

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In this Face2Face video, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge & Elearnmarkets, will discuss how to successfully trade and invest part-time in the stock market, with an informative conversation with Mr. Amit Seth, a part-time stock market trader with years of experience on his hand.

Mr. Amit gives a background on his life and journey to becoming a successful trader. After that, he addresses frequent myths about technical analysis and stock market trading. A typical example of this is the idea that technical analysis delivers certainties when, in fact, it just offers opportunities. The video explains this in more detail, laying the groundwork for a practical comprehension of technical analysis.

He then emphasizes creating a customized trading system that changes over time. He underscores the need to consistently learn and improve the trading system, practice it with discipline, and recognize that success in technical analysis for beginners involves developing skills through practice and discipline in addition to making the appropriate trade predictions. Next, in our practical discussion, Mr. Seth will discuss how we should only use technical analysis to calculate probabilities. He talks about how we can identify trends and how we can use technical indicators like Moving Averages to bring finesse to our trading system. Using charts and many more indicators, we will explore each of the misconceptions cleared out in practical stock market situations.

Watch this video to learn how to successfully trade and invest part-time in the stock market, uncover common technical analysis myths, and comprehend the significance of creating a customized trading system for long-term success.

Amit Seth in Face2Face

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Amit Seth

Mr. Amit Seth is a Chartered Accountant and has been a part of one of the Big Four Audit Firms before entering into full-time trading. He joined the markets in 2008 and took to full-time trading from 2012. His domain focus is combining Price Action with momentum and trend. His trading strategies are versatile and are suitable for both Intraday and Swing/Positional Setups. He is one of the first Traders in India to introduce the concept of market neutral Pair Trades. A conservative and risk-averse trader who believes in defined risk strategies. He has been also covered by prestigious platforms like MoneyControl and has been an imminent speaker on Technical Analysis in many credible platforms and forums.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj