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In this instalment of the Face2Face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Jiten Parmar, an experienced investor and entrepreneur, who will discuss the fundamentals of value investing with us. While Mr. Jiten Parmar began a career in the US, he started his first company there and came back to India, where he began a new business, began his journey in the stock market, and made profits despite the crisis of 2008-09.Mr. Jiten Parmar will discuss the basics of the various types of cyclicality and how they can affect our investing decisions, and how this knowledge began his journey towards his skills of value investing and fundamental analysis.

Next, we will start our discussion on the basics of fundamental analysis andvalue investing. Mr. Jiten Parmar will discuss some of the struggles that value investors have often had to face in recent years and how they have overcome those to make sure that value investing as a style stays alive. We will next discuss the players of the stock market and where the value investors fit in amongst these participants. We will discuss the polarization of the market towards the focus of value investment strategies for small and mid-cap companies in the market.

Next, we will see how we can identify if we are good at value investing or not and how we should formulate investment strategies accordingly. Next, we will see how value investors win big and lose small with their various trading and investment strategies with some basics. We will also see some case studies to see these strategies in action and how we can simplify the various facets of value investing to make the process easier for us. We will discuss the essential features of a good investor and a value investor and the importance of positivity for these investors.

We will see the major investor traits like conviction, discipline, patience and simplicity and discuss how they help us make the best investing decisions. With each of these traits, we will see some basic rules of thumb which can help us minimize our losses, like avoiding herd mentality, always learning, avoiding quests for multi-baggers, etc. We will discuss the importance of analyzing our mistakes and the importance of shifting our focus of investing towards what we can control instead of what we cannot.

Jiten Parmar in Face2Face

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Jiten Parmar

Mr. Jiten Parmar is a value Investor, and the co-founder of Aurum Capital, a SEBI-Registered Investment Advisory company. An entrepreneur and a passionate long term equity Investor. Jiten has been investing in the US markets since 1993, started in the Indian Equity Markets in 2002. As an investor, he focuses on Small and Midcap stocks, and works in the stock market by understanding business cycles and preparing strategies to invest in cyclical/commodity stocks.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj