From a Working Professional to a Homemaker to a successful Rule Based Trader

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In this video, our speaker will describe her journey from a working professional to a full-time trader. During this time, she has been learning something new daily, which she applies to her strategy and gets maximum profit. She truly feels that people should think about capital investment and how to use the money in the market. The stock market should not be considered an ATM machine because it will only disappoint them. 

Learning more about the stock market is more beneficial, and she will teach our learners more about algo trading, rule-based trading, market momentum, risk management, and trailing profit. Her trading process is unique, which will be demonstrated in this video. The first step of successful trading is drawing the footprints of big traders, which is learning from their styles and portfolios. The movements of the big players impact the market supply and demand zone, which must be mastered to get the most out of the stock market. 

Big players with significant financial resources and the capacity to execute large trades include institutional investors, hedge funds, and large corporations. Their stock purchases or sales may affect stock prices and broad market trends by affecting stock supply and demand. Significant moves by large players can indicate market sentiment and affect investor confidence.

The presence of major players increases the market's volume and liquidity. As a result of their involvement, there are more shares traded, which enhances market efficiency and narrows bid-ask spreads. High liquidity facilitates the purchase or sale of shares by all participants, resulting in more efficient market operations.To learn more about her trading journey, watch this video on From a Working Professional to a Housewife to a Successful Rule-Based Trader!

Mrs. Kiran Bala in Face2Face

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Mrs. Kiran Bala

Kiran Bala is a trader who spent 12 years in the Indian Stock Market to build a completely automatic method to trade in the stock market. She is Trend Reversal & Price Action trader, who trades through a simplified Algo system. She has already changed the trading style of hundreds of people and mentored them to move closer to their successful Trading Journey.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj