From Engineer to Crorepati: Journey of an Options Trader !!

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In this Face2Face video, we've with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj and Mr. Ashwin Bawankar, a B.Tech graduate from NIT Raipur, who transitioned from a corporate job to become a successful trader. We will look at his experiences, his strategies, and the mindset he developed to achieve outstanding success amid challenges. Mr. Bawankar shares that he persisted despite the COVID-19 pandemic's significant market decline. He developed a recovery strategy, paid off personal loans, and changed the course of his trading career, ultimately making a profit of Rs. 70 lakhs the following financial year.

Mr. Bawankar further discusses the options trading basics and how the call and put options work. He delves straight into the Calendar Strategy, which he follows. He has emphasized the value of mindset and risk management throughout his trading career. He understood the need to develop a risk appetite that would enable him to make thoughtful judgements while being aware of the possible consequences. Ashwin's capacity to keep a positive attitude and adjust to changing market conditions greatly influenced his success.

Next, with the help of actual market data, he will explain his strategy in detail. Additionally, he explains the impact of Vega on options trading. Developing successful strategies requires an understanding of how Vega affects options trading. Vega has a greater influence on longer duration options, while weekly and monthly options can experience losses. Vega must be carefully considered by traders when choosing strike prices and modifying their positions. Traders can increase their total profitability and reduce risk in the options market by successfully managing Vega.

Watch this video to learn about Mr. Bawankar's recovery strategy, the fundamentals of options trading, and how Vega affects profitability so that you can enhance your trading skills and effectively manage risk.

Ashwin Bawankar in Face2Face

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Ashwin Bawankar

Mr. Ashwin Bawankar, Ex Wealth Manager, Engineer turned into a full-time trader. He started full-time trading in 2018 and mostly trades in the F&O market.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj