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 In this Face2Face video, watch Mr Vivek Bajaj interacting with ace Indian investor Shri Ramesh Damani, worth over a billion USD. Mr Ramesh Damani is someone who started investing in the stock market when Sensex was at 600 points. In this session, Mr. Vivek Bajaj asks certain questions to Shri Ramesh Damani to which he answers with his own experience. He explains which sectors will do well for good investments, what stocks one should consider buying and which ones to avoid and how automation might replace some jobs in the future.

According to Mr Ramesh Damani, if you think that if a company has a good business opportunity, then this thought should be aligned with the Company's Management thoughts. The evaluation of the company comes with the experience. Several elements must be taken into account when evaluating a company, including Examining the company's financial statements, and paying particular attention to cash flow, profitability, and revenue growth. Look at important financial ratios like the gross, net, return on assets, and return on equity. Compared to industry peers and historical data, evaluate the company's financial performance.
 Let us watch in this video, how Shri Ramesh Damani started his journey and what we can learn from his experience, and where we should think of investing for a secure future. Watch this video to understand how to invest in the stock market to increase wealth.

Ramesh Damani in Face2Face

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Ramesh Damani

Ramesh Damani is a skilled value investor and a member of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). He is considered by many, as one of the most successful investors in India. A proponent of the Warren Buffett style of value investing, Damani’s views about equity are ardently followed by many popular value investors as well.
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Vivek Bajaj