Future of Investing using Artificial Intelligence with Ajay Sharma

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In the video, Ajay Sharma and the host have a face-to-face discussion on artificial intelligence's potential applications in investing. Ajay Sharma acknowledges the difference in investing styles between generations at the beginning of the debate. He discusses how the market was full with businesses trading below their net worth in the past, which made Benjamin Graham's value investing method popular. Subsequently, the 1930s and 1940s saw rapid economic expansion, which made it simple to profit from investments in reputable businesses.

Ajay Sharma highlights that investors must adjust to the swift changes taking place in the world. He says artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a big influence on the investing process. Using the example of Stable Diffusion, a machine learning model that can produce images based on a text description, he explains the idea of artificial intelligence image generation. He thinks text-to-video content generation will someday be possible with AI.

Ajay Sharma alerts viewers to the possible risks associated with bogus data as well as potential problems with trust. Nonetheless, he thinks that there are strategies to reduce these risks and that StockEdge's Elearnmarkets will keep offering quality information and assisting customers in taking their investments to the next level.

Ajay Sharma in Face2Face

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Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma is the co-founder of Flowering Tree, and a top-rated Equity Analyst. His educational background is at IIT Varanasi and IIM Ahmedabad.
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