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In this video, our guest speaker Mr. Shailendra Kumar will talk about his experience in the field of investing, which is a framework beneficial for other investors.

Every investor has their own principles and strategy, which helps them to survive in the financial field. Similarly, our speaker with 27 years of experience also has a solid theory and framework, which he uses to make investment decisions. 


Mr. Shailendra Kumar is also a financial advisor, which resonates with the ideas he has given in this video, you need to watch till the end if you want full knowledge in investing. 


From picking stocks to researching and analyzing them before investing, he has it all covered for you. The 5 layers of stock research and 3 fundamental aspects of the company are also discussed by him for more clarity. 


Investment is a long-term approach towards saving money, and our speaker is an expert in this department. With a sound career graph in finance and strategies in place, his principles become more valid. 

The company growth, management, and HR strategies are a few of the components of a stock that needs to be considered by investors before investing in any stock. 


This video has a detailed outlook on the styles of investing and frameworks that needs to be adapted for better returns in the market. 


So watch this video to get 27 years of experience in just 60 minutes!

Mr. Shailendra Kumar in Face2Face

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Mr. Shailendra Kumar

He is the co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Narnolia. He has experience of over two decades in the space of fund management and investment advisory. His preferred investment style is growth-in-value. He holds a post-graduate degree in Management and Systems from IIT, Delhi. He has a strong academic orientation having authored as well as mentoring numerous financial publications and research papers. He has also done extensive work on corporate valuations and derivative pricing.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

Your Host

Vivek Bajaj