How knowing cycles helps in Investing?

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In this video, we have with us our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Aaditya Gutgutiya, partner with one of the more active boutique Investment Banking firms, Eiva. He will talk about various styles of investing that can be used to get higher returns after a long period. As an investor, different strategies can evolve your investing style.

Mr. Gutgutiya says it's important to comprehend the market's cyclical nature, with its growth and decline, to make wise investment choices. We may position ourselves for success by considering the entire economic landscape rather than just company-specific elements. A comprehensive viewpoint is essential, as shown by the decline of digital camera manufacturers as a result of the popularity of smartphones. Cycles are present in all aspects of life; they range from the very short-term, such as the life cycle of a June bug, which lives only a few days, to the billions of years of a planet's life cycle. Whatever market you are referring to, it all goes through the same phases and is cyclical. They rise, peak, dip, and then fall. When one market cycle concludes, the next begins.

He further emphasises that cycles are used to understand investments, such as classical value and polycycle. This will be majorly discussed in this video. Themes are also considered for the timing of investments, explained in this video. Companies like Procter and Gamble, Gillette, ITC, and many more are considered for this investment topic. Our speaker Mr. Aaditya Gutgutiya is an expert, and he will talk about the significant factors and the historical data of shares in the current times. This interesting conversation will give you another perspective on investing in the market with thorough research and awareness of the big bulls.Watch this video to learn to invest and grow more in the financial sector with cyclical investing

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Mr. Aaditya Gutgutiya

He is a partner with one of the more active boutique Investment Banking firms Eiva. Before Eiva, Aaditya was leading the North India Investment Banking business for firms like Edelweiss and Axis Capital. He is a keen student of behavioral finance and stock market investing. He has been exceptional with his ability to pick stocks on themes and on his ability to call out cycles.
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Vivek Bajaj