Is Gold and Silver ready for a Big Bull Market ??

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In this Face2Face video, our expert Mr. Patrick Karim will talk about the status of gold and silver in the big bull market through his charts. This will be an informative video for all the investors and traders who want to enter the market of gold and silver. 

It will be a global perspective on these precious metals, which makes a difference in the financial aspect of an individual and also in the economy of the country. Most investors and traders are into the gold and silver market and there is a need for more skills and knowledge on the same.  

Bad chart is a counterintuitive name that motivates him to keep learning new techniques and improve his creativity, making sure his charts are never “bad charts”. His unique approach to charting and technical analysis is obvious. Years of observations, practice, learning, and sharing have led him here. Nothing is set in stone or guaranteed. Gathering evidence and observing where the scales are leaning is the best thing to do. Having more viewpoints and angles will enhance our assessment of possible moves and their probabilities.  

Charts are his domain and they will be used to understand the condition of the market from the global aspect.Technical analysis uses chart patterns, which are graphical patterns that appear on price charts. To spot potential trends, reversals, and price movements in the financial markets, traders and analysts use them. His experience in this field is a matter of significance in this video. You can know more about gold and silver in the big bull market if you watch this video!

Mr. Patrick Karim in Face2Face

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Mr. Patrick Karim

Mr. Patrick Karim believes that human beings have been the same for a very long time. It is the one common denominator we have in the world of chart trading and it is also why technical analysis has been working and will keep on working.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj