Successful Stock Investing Model by a Fund Manager !!

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In this Face2Face video, our guest speaker Mr. Jatin Khemani will talk about investing and the retail investors who need more information regarding the wholeprocess of investment.  Mr. Jatin Khemani will make it easier for retail investors to know more through this video. Everything from the basics of investing to the stock investing model will be covered for a great learning experience.  Mr. Jatin Khemani is a fund manager, which will make it easier for others to grasp and get quality information regarding finance.

The presentation is focused on the stock investing model, which can be used by retail investors for maximum returns and increasing their portfolios. The agenda of this video is to help retail investors participate in knowledge-building through the comforts of their homes.  Mathematical equations and calculations will be explained in this video for a more detailed analysis regarding the same. 

It is essential to thoroughly investigate and assess the management team, competitive advantage, and growth prospects of any company before making an investment in its stock. To make wise decisions, consider important financial ratios, earnings reports, and market trends. Over the long run, investing in the stock market offers the possibility of increasing your wealth. It's crucial to remember that investing in stocks entails risks and that your investments' values may change.

Risk can be reduced by distributing your investments across various sectors, industries, and geographical areas. By diversifying your holdings, you can potentially shield your portfolio from market fluctuations and reduce your exposure to the performance of any one stock. To know more about the stock investing model, watch this video on Successful Stock Investing Model by a Fund Manager now!!

Mr. Jatin Khemani in Face2Face

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Mr. Jatin Khemani

He has over ten years of experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. Prior to founding Stalwart Advisors in 2014, he was working with a Delhi-based family office as the head of research. He is a CFA (US) Charter holder, earned MBA in Finance from Christ University, Bangalore, and graduated in commerce from Delhi University. Thanks to his admiration for Peter Lynch & Phillip Fisher, Jatin has over the years become proficient in Scuttlebutt; a primary research method to find out the truth about a company or an industry. On weekends he teaches finance to MBA students and is an active volunteer with The Art of Living since 2006, where he leads state-level fund-raising campaigns.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj