Meet a Super Trader from Patna and learn the art of F&O Hedging

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In this video of the face2face series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Nitish Kumar, a passionate trader, investor, and a teacher who aims to teach people all about Hedging - how to hedge with options, what it is, why is it done and how people trading in futures and options derivatives can hedge successfully. 

The discussion starts off with delving into Mr. Nitish Kumar's background and what drives him to help other traders and investors maximise gains while limiting losses. He discusses typical myths about hedging, such as the idea that only big investors like FIIs and DIIs may use it. The emphasis then shifts to long-term share market investors and traders looking to make a living from Nifty trading. Additionally, hedging strategies for options and futures derivative trading and investing are discussed.

Mr. Nitish Kumar highlights the Nifty as a safe haven for investors and traders and provides advice on the benefits of investing in Nifty BeES. The right pairing of call and put options is further discussed in the video, along with illustrative examples. Particularly for individuals who are considering this technique as part of their retirement planning, the necessity of discipline over greed is emphasised. The N100 or Motilal Oswal NASDAQ 100 ETF is also discussed as a safe and rewarding alternative to direct investment in American stocks for long-term stock market investments. Next, we will look at the best way to hedge profitably with derivatives.

Watch this video to discover all about options and futures derivative hedging strategies as Mr. Nitish Kumar explains the idea of hedging, common misconceptions about it, and its advantages. Learn about Nifty trading, disciplined investing, and the N100 ETF as a safe stock market investment alternative.

Nitish Kumar in Face2Face

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Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar is full time trader by passion and mentor accidently with 21+ years of experience in Stock Market. Owing to his keen interest in stock market, he started trading soon after completing his Doctorate (PhD). After trading for initial 3-4 years, he realized that Hedging is the only way to make money consistently by trading. He has developed numerous types of Hedges catering to various stock market conditions. Traders across the world are awestruck by returns percentages from his Hedges. There is a saying that nothing is sure shot in stock market but some of his hedges are nearly sure shot like Arbitration Hedge. By seeing the pitiable condition of many Retail Traders, he started mentoring retailers by making them realize the importance of Hedging and educated retail traders across the world. On social media, he has shared various systems like Hilega Milega, various types of Hedges from level 11 to level 20 (Hedge level 11 - 20), Expiry day hedge, Options Behavior, Investment strategies like convergence etc. His hobbies include research in stock market and finding opportunities to help retail traders. Owing to his continuous research, he keeps on developing new & better hedges and various other Hedges are in progress like Hedge 21, 22 etc.
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Vivek Bajaj