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In this video, we have with you the ultimate who will give you all the answers related to the future of the Stock Market. As the current CEO of the BSE, Mr Sundararaman Ramamurthy has a lot to spill for all the investors and traders. The experience of 40 years will be covered in this video when questions will be asked about the market, options trading, SEBI, and the functions of the Stock Market. 

The BSE is a crucial trading venue for a range of financial products, including mutual funds, derivatives, and stocks. By facilitating capital raising, giving the market liquidity, and enabling the trading of securities, it plays a crucial role in the Indian economy. Certain rules and regulations that are passed for the traders and the reasons behind the implementation is also necessary for us to know, which is discussed in this video by Mr Sundararaman Ramamurthy.

He further discusses that many brokers do not provide BSE screens in their platforms. According to him BSE screens should be provided by every broker as it is an important Index of the country.BSE was founded in 1875 and today has one of the highest market capitalizations among stock exchanges worldwide. It runs on the BOLT (BSE On-Line Trading) electronic trading platform. Investors, traders, and decision-makers closely monitor the exchange because of its significant influence on the Indian economy.

From the cash market to options trading, the technological advancements that have entered the financial sector will also be discussed. Take a seat back and watch this full video for a great learning experience.

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Sundararaman Ramamurthy

Shri Sundararaman Ramamurthy, until recently was the MD & Chief Operating Officer in the Indian arm of Bank of America (BANA) where his responsibilities included global governance and control of the banking entity in India and the securities segment. He was also a part of various Board/Leadership forums at Bank of America. Currently, is the CEO and MD of the Bombay Stock Exchange.
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Vivek Bajaj