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Guidebook on Health Insurance

An exhaustive guidebook to enhance your knowledge on health insurance

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Guidebook on Health Insurance
  •   Overview of Health Insurance
  •   Third-Party Administrator (TPA) to policyholders & insurance companies
  •   Buying and maintaining health insurance
  •   Different types of health insurance
  •   Other important aspects of health insurance

Health Insurance Ebook Details

Health insurance is a form of coverage that encompasses medical costs resulting from illnesses, which may encompass expenses associated with hospitalization, medication, or fees for doctor consultations.

It is an agreement between the insurance company and the policyholder in which the former is liable to pay for the hospitalization and treatment expenses of the latter instead of regular payment of premiums during the policy term.

This E-book will answer all your questions regarding health insurance with its diverse content in an easy and informative way through various chapters-

What are the different types of Health Insurance?

Individual Health Insurance Policy

Individual health insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides medical coverage for a person based on a specific sum insured for that individual.

Family floater health insurance

Family floater health insurance, often referred as a family health insurance plan, safeguards all family members under a single health policy.

Learn about more such plans like maternity cover, Super top-up plans and more…

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Why is Health Insurance important?

Modern lifestyles, rising pollution levels, escalating stress, and the growing prevalence of illnesses have heightened the risk of unexpected health issues. The abrupt demand for medical care can place a significant financial burden on a patient's family, forcing them to dip into their savings to cover treatment costs.

They become a major tool in battling the wealth Reckling sudden medical expenses.

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Things to remember while buying and maintaining a Health Insurance Policy

Various factors need to be considered while buying and maintaining health insurance policies.

Price of the product, Incurred claim ratio, Co-payment clause, policy exclusion, waiting period, coverage and much more. People generally miss out on these terms and later face consequences when required the most.

This ebook will help you make informed decisions regarding health insurance.

Download our health insurance book pdf now!

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