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Guidebook on Life Insurance
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  •   Life Insurance –Required Cover
  •   Life Insurance Plans & Riders
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  •   Must Know Concept and Terms
  •   Returns and Taxation
  •   Review and Closure of Policy

Life Insurance Ebook Details

Life Insurance is a contract with an underlying condition where one party decides to cover the loss of the other in consideration of a premium paid.

Reading this E-book will help you understand the underlying concept behind life insurance is the sharing of risks by pooling funds.

What is meant by Life Insurance?

Groups of people having similar risks come together and contribute to a pool and the money so collected is used towards compensating for any losses suffered by members of the pool. When this pool of money is managed by a company it is called life insurance.

This life insurance book pdf contains various chapters which will contain topics that will enrich with sufficient knowledge regarding Life Insurance.

Why is Life Insurance Necessary?

Having a clear understanding of the importance of life insurance is necessary. In this ebook, you will understand how Life insurance can enable the family of the policyholder to stay financially independent so that they do not have to compromise their lifestyle.

For whom is this suitable the most?

Life insurance means different to different age groups. You will learn how people who have financial dependents with them should compulsorily have Life Insurance with them. This does not mean that single people should avoid it. They should have a specific form of insurance that covers their expenses to avoid being burdened on their guardians.

Key Features that make life Insurance different.

Various features highlight the key difference of life insurance from other Insurance. Rule of insurable interest, Doctrine of utmost good faith and many other features must be known to anyone looking forward to buying Insurance.

This E-book will help you understand things in detail.

Key points to be Remembered before buying.

Chapter 3 of the E-book describes key pointers that you should look for before buying a life Insurance policy.

Assessing the need for buying a policy, Understanding the type of policy required, Understanding the terms of the guarantee and many more. Wish to understand all? Then life insurance PDF download is a good action to take right now.

Types of Policies

Learn in detail about the various types of life insurance policies in the market. Endowment Policy, Money Back Policy, and Children’s Policy are a few examples that this ebook will enlighten you with.

Enhance your learning through these life insurance books.

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