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Guidebook on Mutual Funds

A comprehensive mutual fund investment guide

In this FREE guide,
you will get detailed information like

Guidebook on Mutual Funds
  •   Mutual Funds basics and their types
  •   NFO & Offer Documents, Accounting & Taxation
  •   Risks involved, Returns & Fund performance
  •   Facilities & Services for investors

Mutual Funds Ebook Details

A mutual fund is an investment program that is professionally managed and diversified in its Investments. The process involves professionals using the funds of retail investors to invest in a carefully selected set of investment products to build a diversified portfolio.

This mutual fund pdf E-book will give you a detailed understanding of what mutual funds are, how they work and what are technical understanding required before making a call to Investing.

It contains various chapters that discuss different topics such as mutual funds basics, types of mutual funds and their types and much more-

Mutual Funds basics and their types

What are mutual funds? How do they work and what are the different types of mutual funds? Get answers to all such questions in this chapter. Hop in now!

NFO & Offer Documents, Accounting & Taxation, and more!

Scared of this technical jargon? Not any more! This mutual fund investment guide pdf will provide you with detailed information about such complicated jargon trying to make them as easy as it can be.

Factors to be considered while choosing a mutual fund

Various factors should be considered while choosing between buying mutual funds.
Time Horizon being looked at, Risk Tolerance, Past performance, Expense Ratio, Profile of Fund Managers and more.

Anyone looking forward to investing in mutual funds should have the clarity and knowledge about these factors and how will these affect their returns.
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What is an SIP?

A method of mutual fund investment built for people who prefer periodic investments rather than a big one-time payment.
When you invest a fixed amount monthly, you will receive different units of the mutual fund every month due to changes in the NAV. You will not have to spend more on the same amounts of units because of a rise in the NAV, which is a big advantage of choosing a SIP.
This mutual fund guide pdf will give you a comprehensive Idea of this topic.

There are many more similar topics that have been covered in this mutual funds books for beginners pdf including Risk Involved, Fund performance analysis, mutual fund analysis and more.

Mutual Funds are one of the most popular investment instruments nowadays and having in-depth knowledge on this is very important before making any decision.

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