A Handbook of Technical Analysis

A comprehensive guide to start your trading journey as a seasoned technical analyst

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A Handbook of Technical Analysis
  •   Different types of charts
  •   Trend Analysis
  •   Classical chart patterns
  •   Simple moving average, RSI Indicators & much more

Technical Analysis Ebook Details

Market analysis is broadly categorized into two main methods, the first one is fundamental analysis and the second one is technical analysis.

Understanding Technicals can be a task for beginners but we are here with this technical analysis ebook to make learning easy.

There are various concepts related to Technical Analysis that have been explained in detail under various chapters-

Different types of charts

Charts are two-dimensional representations of price over time which helps traders understand how the instrument is performing in the market.
Different types of chart patterns are generally used. Among these, a few of the most popular ones with the traders are Head and Shoulders, Double Top and Bottom, triangles and more.

Read the entire handbook of technical analysis to learn more about these.

Trend Analysis

Trend is a trader's best friend.
While starting your trading journey, one of the most important things you need to learn is understanding the trend of how buyers and sellers are participating in the market.
This Ebook explains key concepts including trend lines, chart plottings, patterns, and many more topics.

Chart Patterns

Chapter 5 of this E-book will discuss about few chart popular candlestick patterns.
Candlestick patterns provide entry and stop-loss criteria, but there is no target setup as available in classical chart patterns.
Learn about some of the most popular ones like Hammer, Doji, Morning Stars and more now!

There are many other topics including the Indicators that are used to analyze the market situation, important jargon, Types of Charts and more.
Download the technical analysis book pdf and understand all these in detail.

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