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100 FAQ's on Basic Finance

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What happens to your policy if you discontinue your premiums?

What happens if you stop paying life insurance premiums?

If you miss paying your life insurance premium, don't stress! 

You'll have a grace period to catch up without penalties or policy cancellation.

A grace period is an additional time period provided by the insurance provider during which, you can pay your premium without any additional penalties or cancellation of policies.

According to Indian insurance regulations, this period typically lasts 15 to 30 days. For specifics, check your policy documents or contact your insurer.

If not, you have the option to get in touch with your insurance company.

What happens if you also miss the grace period for premium payment?

If you're unable to make the payment during this time, your policy will lapse. But don't worry, you can reinstate it as well following a certain process.

However, if you've deliberately stopped paying the premium, your policy will be cancelled. It's important to note that some insurance providers may not refund the premiums you've already paid. And if they do, hefty deductions in the form of taxes may apply.

Here are three valuable strategies to ensure you stay on track with your premium payments and avoid lapses in your life and term insurance coverage:

Carefully Consider Your Premium Amount:

One common reason for discontinued premium payments is often an overly burdensome premium amount. Avoid this pitfall by thoughtfully selecting a premium and deductible that align with your financial circumstances and budgetary constraints. Additionally, tailor your life insurance plan to suit your specific needs, eliminating unnecessary features and add-ons to save on costs.

Opt for Automatic Payments:

Opt for automatic deductions to eliminate the risk of missing payments. This feature eliminates the need to remember payment due dates. Your designated premium amount will be seamlessly deducted from your registered bank account when the payment is due, ensuring consistent coverage without the stress of manual payments.

Incorporate Premium Payments into Your Budget:

Integrating premium payments into your monthly budget can enhance your financial planning. Budgeting tools or apps can assist you in this endeavor. This simple practice will enable you to monitor your expenses closely and allocate a fixed amount to fulfill your policy premiums promptly.

Although these tips may seem straightforward, they have proven to be highly effective in ensuring timely insurance premium payments.

Adhering to these practices will help you maintain uninterrupted life insurance coverage, providing you with peace of mind for the long term.

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